Ensuring Records Management Program Success

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A well-run records management program ensures that records and information are not only managed properly, but can be used in a meaningful way. Information is a key asset organizations of all industries need to protect and use in a way that provides value.

Keeping Users in Mind

While the primary focus of records and information management (RIM) professionals working to implement RIM initiatives in their respective organizations is consistency and compliance, it is important that they do not lose sight of users' needs for faster access. The way staff members use information and their need for simplicity and timeliness cannot be overlooked. When organizations have limited resources available for RIM initiatives, straightforward yet noncompliant processes are sometimes replaced with more cumbersome yet compliant processes.

RIM professionals' intentions may be good when they institute these changes, but they do not typically result in successful implementation. While it is important for staff to follow RIM policies and procedures, the procedures themselves need to be simple enough that staff are not burdened with extra work just to achieve compliance. Just as RIM professionals have their own priorities related to RIM, other staff have their own priorities when they deal with human resources, finance or other operational sides of a business.

Changing Policies

The successful implementation of RIM requires staff to shake up the status quo. Coupled with senior management approval and a strong push from the top for staff to change how they work, the new processes and procedures need to be straightforward and provide value to the business.

Faster access to the right information and the ability to compile, find and review information from one electronic location will improve decision-making and reduce uncertainty and time wasted searching and sifting. When staff see the new processes are simpler or that they have gained improved usability of their records and information, they will be much more likely to embrace the change.

Access and usability must be optimized so that the right people have quick access to the right information to facilitate better business decisions. If this aspect of RIM program implementation is not easy to achieve through internal means alone, working with an experienced RIM vendor is a viable option. Partnering with an industry expert can help organizations of in any industry properly plan their records management program, ensure the right steps are taken for successful implementation, achieve compliance and add value to the organization through the meaningful use of records and information.

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Records Management Solution Brief
Records Management Solution Brief

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With Iron Mountain Records Management services, you'll have the resources you need to effectively store and safeguard your information assets, and make them easily accessible to individuals across your organization.