Get a Handle on Your Intellectual Property (No Matter Where It’s Been)

Is your archived intellectual property parked on outdated media? A smart media migration plan includes a hard look at your current storage strategy and then creating a plan to protect what you’ve got.

Discussions about media migration often turn to tape backup. With its high capacities and low cost, tape continues to offer great value.

The core intellectual property of a business can come in many formats. For that upstart app developer in Silicon Valley, it’s all about some hallowed code duplicated several times over in many secured formats. Meanwhile, the pizza chain down the street may have its perfect red sauce recipe written in longhand with a fountain pen and stashed in a safe in the basement.

No matter what form it takes, your business’s intellectual property (IP) is among its valuable assets. Lose control of it, and you could lose your competitive edge. Your mission is to preserve, protect and defend that data by making sure it’s stored safely, in formats that will be valid and beyond reproach for years to come.

Need Some Migration Motivation?

Valuable IP—especially legacy IP—often resides on relatively old media that’s typically difficult and/or expensive to convert. Meanwhile, your staff has enough to juggle with daily backups. Adding media migration and encryption for legacy IP to their to-do list can overwhelm even the most diligent workers.

Ignoring the issue, however, comes with risks. For instance, if litigation compels you to prove patent ownership on one of your products, you may need information stored in multiple locations or on media formats created years (or even decades) ago. The last thing you need to be scheduling at that point is an IP scavenger hunt.

Such events bring into sharp focus the need for an IP media migration solution. The best one will help you move your data into your network’s current format and protect it with the latest industrial-strength encryption technologies for ultimate security.

Your IP Partner Says: Lean on Us

IP media migration can prove daunting. That’s why many businesses turn to a trusted third-party media migration service that specializes in such sensitive work.

A full-service partner will:

  • Understand the regulations affecting your industry and help you design the optimal media migration and retention process
  • Create a migration budget with no surprises
  • Mitigate auditing and litigation risks by keeping your data in easy-to-access formats
  • Avoid disruption of your daily backups
  • Prepare your vital IP information for storage in up-to-date archive and storage systems

Once you analyze your archives, you may discover you need some—or many—media migration services. Among the options:

  • Extraction of your content from legacy media (DVD/optical, write-once, write-many, etc.)
  • Migration of that content to the most appropriate format for  future needs
  • Encryption of legacy tapes and/or simultaneous encryption and migration
  • Chain of custody documentation; if your IP data travels offsite during migration, you’ll have a detailed record of where it’s been and who’s handled it
  • Offsite tape vaulting for the ultimate in safekeeping and quick retrieval
  • Secure media destruction for data you no longer need or that must be destroyed per compliance regulations

Tale of the Tape

Interestingly, discussions about media migration often turn to tape backup. With its high capacities and low cost, tape continues to offer great value. The use of tape is often preferred over technologies such as internal disks, external disks and even the cloud. In fact, according to, tape’s lead is expected to grow by 45 percent annually through 2015. With each new generation of LTO tape cartridge roughly doubling in capacity—LTO-4 Ultrium tapes hold eight times the capacity of the first 1000-gigabyte LTO tapes launched more than a decade ago—tape can handle the largest backups and IP archives efficiently.

If you use tape for daily backup but haven’t considered it as a long-term archiving solution, now’s the time to take a look. The newest media migration services make tape-based data easier to find, access and manage—and tape is easy to encrypt and store safely.

IP media migration is just one part of your overall data backup strategy. When it comes to your intellectual property, keeping what matters—and keeping it safe—is crucial.

Make a Move with Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain® Media Migration service, one of the value-added services of the Iron Mountain Data Backup and Recovery solution suite, offers you:

  • Peace of mind knowing that your data is in compliance with whatever regulations your industry puts in your path
  • The ability to respond promptly to an audit or any kind of litigation request with the data you need backed by a defensible plan
  • An efficient and cost-effective strategy to keep your data in a ready-for-use format and to maximize the value of your legacy intellectual property

Do you have questions about data backup and recovery? Read additional Knowledge Center stories on this subject, or contact Iron Mountain’s Data Backup and Recovery team. You’ll be connected with a knowledgeable product and services specialist who can address your specific challenges.

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