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The following is an overview of the Information Governance Conference 2014, along with some insights gleaned from the event.

The inaugural Information Governance Conference was held recently in Hartford, Connecticut, as a who's-who of the information governance (IG) industry. Sponsored by Iron Mountain, the conference offered an array of educational opportunities for attendees.

Day 1: Opening Keynotes

The event was kicked off by conference co-founder Nick Inglis, who shared details on the IG model framework that he created and released through an open-source license.

Following Inglis was Connecticut State Rep. William Tong. Tong, who had previously worked at Finn Dixon & Herling LLP, shared stories of how records management can, in fact, be a life-and-death situation. According to him, due to poor records management practices, a convicted felon was accidentally released from prison early and went on to murder a family. Tong led the effort to revamp the records management capabilities of the state to ensure a horrific accident like this would never happen again.

Following Tong's speech was Christian Buckley, a noted technologist and SharePoint MVP. Buckley talked through how to take action on IG initiatives and gave 10 clear steps toward "information governance nirvana," as he called it.

Day 1: Sessions

Throughout the day, the sessions were packed with noted experts and practitioners of IG, including Rick Wilson, Laurence Hart, Christopher Getner, James Wolf, Conni Christensen (from Australia/New Zealand) and Guy Bunker (from the United Kingdom).

With over 50 speakers, it was impossible for attendees to be present at all sessions, but one highlight was Hart's Information Governance Conference session called "Removing the 'Work' From Information Governance." In his talk, he discussed how IG must be made seamless for users. If things are made more difficult, he said, users will not utilize the systems and content will not be captured. Uncaptured content cannot be governed and the potential value to the organization will be lost, he said.

Day 2: Opening Keynotes

The second day of the Information Governance Conference was led off by AIIM Fellow Steve Weissman, who talked about the value of information and his "big box" theory. Weissman gave insights on how to proactively manage information and how to make decisions around information governance.

Following Weissman was Barclay T. Blair, founder of the Information Governance Initiative. He discussed some of the findings from the Initiative's 2014 report and how to take those insights and make them actionable within an organization. Additionally, Blair urged the crowd to take action and begin to move toward a comprehensive view of IG, including the creation of a C-level chief IG officer role in organizations dedicated to IG.

Day 2: Sessions

The second day of sessions ran in parallel with the Information Governance Initiative's first-ever IG boot camp. The leading voices from the organization — Blair, Jay Brudz, Bennett Borden and Jason R. Baron — led the workshop, which included lots of whiteboards, Play-Doh and individualized insights on how to achieve IG success.

"As both a technology and process integrator, we at GEN3i are always excited to talk with thought leaders and leading practitioners in information governance," said Getner, who had two well-received sessions at the conference. "That's one of the ways we stay on top of this fast-evolving space and share our learnings. InfoGovCon provided a great field of play for that interaction — plus, everyone had an enjoyable time."

Closing Keynotes

These sessions led to the closing keynotes from Alan Pelz-Sharpe and Jim Merrifield, a conference co-founder. Pelz-Sharpe talked through the emerging IG industry and issued some warnings to organizations about the importance of well-governed information based on his findings at 451 Research. Merrifield then discussed the application of IG and how organizations must heed the call of the previous speakers and take action today, no matter how small.

The Information Governance Conference attracted more than 200 attendees this year and will be returning again to Hartford next year. Presentations from the event have been made available online.

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