Marketing Collateral: How to Personalize Your Print Campaign with Big Data

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Getting more personalized information into print materials can be a big boost to operational goals. The key is to partner with the right fulfillment vendor.

The business world has awoken to the power of using big data to improve sales effectiveness. Marketers throw gleaned tidbits into Web interfaces, companies keep dossiers of data assets regarding customers and IT filters massive quantities of information through analytical engines — all in online content. What about your offline print marketing collateral? What would it mean to use some of that same intelligence to improve the effectiveness of your printed content?

Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

Our infatuation with the online marketing world is understandable. We now have the ability to dynamically create a more compelling experience based on our knowledge of the user, all while collecting the data to prove an increased ROI; but while most marketing organizations have pivoted hard towards online marketing, offline marketing content still plays a critical role in the sales process. A recent survey shows that 89 percent of marketers are dependent on consumer data; at the same time, print communications are shown to achieve a 10 percent edge over email or digital messaging in observed marketing campaigns. Imagine that your print program is the old dog and your customer data is the source of the new tricks. Can you apply the intelligence you have about your customers to your offline marketing programs in the same way you are applying it online? And what would that mean for your business?

Strategies for Personalization

You know your customer better than you think, and by personalizing your content, you can create the customized marketing collateral you need to make your printed materials much more impactful. But where do you start? First, look at your target buyer's journey and how your content maps to each stage. Where are the opportunities to provide insight or tailored content that will help move them to the next stage? Use specific test cases or samples of personalized print to get started. This will help build a roadmap with targeted, unique, personalized messaging. Keep in mind that the amount of personalization will differ by asset type, from personalized postcards to enrollment kits. Also consider the demographics of the end users and how the content is presented: Simple kitting might suffice for some, whereas more complex programs might benefit from perfect binding.

Variable Data Publishing: Rely on Your Fulfillment Partner

Your journey should include some experimentation; you are not going to solve all of the world's problems on the first try. Your best path to success will include selecting a fulfillment partner that brings experience and best practices to the table. For example, a fulfillment vendor with the necessary expertise and tools can put together a digital and paper hybrid plan to match a particular client's marketing communications needs, or it can create the right Web-based, print on-demand ordering system to allow salespeople to pull exactly what they want right away. Look for partners who have worked with a broad set of customers on a variety of different types of programs, have the equipment in-house and the technology to manage the process.

With digital printing and variable data publishing capabilities, Iron Mountain offers services way beyond basic pick-and-pack fulfillment. With a design-on-demand application that drives quick responses and the experience of a partner that specializes in variable data printing, you will have the tools, technology and expertise to ramp up your personalization project in no time.

From sales materials, newsletters and magazines to benefits booklets, enrollment kits and anything else intended for certain eyes only, it's all about reaching your target audience with the right personalized content. Talk to Iron Mountain about how you can upgrade your offline marketing content through personalization.


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Is Your Fulfillment Company Part of the Problem or the Solution?

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