Iron Mountain's Leadership in Secure Shredding Reflected in Appointment to NAID Certification Review Board and AAA Certification

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Iron Mountain is committed to protecting our customers’ records and ensuring privacy and security throughout the information lifecycle – beginning with maintaining your records and continuing through to secure destruction. While information destruction may be the last stage in that lifecycle, it requires no less attention, diligence and care.  This strategic view of secure destruction informed Iron Mountain’s decision to become a charter member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) when it was first established in 1994.

NAID's mission is to educate business, industry and government about the importance of secure destruction and the value of contract destruction services.  NAID has also developed a voluntary member certification program which addresses various aspects of the destruction process, including operational security, employee hiring and screening, responsible disposal and insurance.  Iron Mountain is proud to have taken a leadership role in the development of NAID’s standards.

Today Iron Mountain is the largest information destruction company to achieve NAID AAA Certification in the history of the program.  As such, we offer our customers the broadest footprint of NAID-Certified operations.  Our ability to pass the rigorous NAID Certification audits across such a wide footprint attests to the care, consistency and discipline with which we protect our customers’ information on a daily basis. It is an independent, third-party validation of the quality of our security and operations which ultimately offers customers added peace of mind.

Iron Mountain’s commitment to high standards is longstanding and wide-ranging, including secure workflows, rigorous employee screening and training, vehicle security, innovative program monitoring and management tools, contingency planning, corporate safety and security departments, and sound financial viability that supports a long-term commitment to serving our customers.

Iron Mountain Executive Appointed to NAID Certification Board

Recently, Iron Mountain’s Director of Secure Shredding, Sal Napoli, was elected to the NAID Certification Review Board, which is made up of NAID staff and other industry providers. This prestigious position ensures the ongoing evolution and enforcement of NAID Certification standards.

“It’s a privilege to join the Certification Review Board and play a role in shaping the standards for our industry,” said Sal Napoli. “Iron Mountain takes our certification very seriously. Our certification is an integral part of how we approach secure shredding operations and a key part of our value proposition to the market. Being elected to this role will allow Iron Mountain to work closely with NAID and other secure shredding providers to maintain these high standards while shaping the future of the industry.”

Customers can be confident in their choice of Iron Mountain as a leader that helps advance the industry and define and promote industry standards.

Iron Mountain and NAID – A Strategic Partnership

Iron Mountain’s affiliation with NAID is strategic to both organizations. Our shared and ongoing dedication to raising awareness about information destruction helps educate organizations of all types and sizes about the importance of secure shredding.  And our mutual dedication to consistent standards helps move the industry forward for the benefit of customers and vendors alike.

“With Iron Mountain completing certification, NAID AAA Certification moves closer to becoming the default criteria for determining which vendor organizations are invited to compete for secure destruction opportunities,” said Robert Johnson, executive director of NAID. “We are proud to have such a highly regarded service provider lend their credibility to our program.”

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To Shred or Recycle? No Need to Choose
To Shred or Recycle? No Need to Choose

Topics: Secure Shredding

When your company partners with a secure shredding service that offers a certified recycling program, you’re getting the best of both worlds; you’re supporting the environment as a good corporate citizen without compromising confidentiality and security.