Not Just a "Green" Thing: What Are the Real Goals of Secure IT Asset Disposition?

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There's nothing wrong with being an environmental steward, but when you're advocating for an effective secure IT asset disposition program for your business, preaching "green" as your top priority isn't likely to be a winning strategy.

Respondents to "Enterprises Have Room for Improvement in Secure IT Asset Disposition," a recent TechTarget/Iron Mountain survey, say they're motivated by several factors when creating formal secure IT asset disposition programs. And guess what? Being environmentally friendly is a tertiary consideration. That said, when you're building the case for IT asset disposition, be sure to focus first on these goals.

Goal #1: Keep confidential and proprietary data secure.

For survey respondents, this is the primary goal of asset destruction—and why not? After all, nothing matters more to your business than risk management. You must ensure that your proprietary and confidential data never gets lost, stolen or literally scooped up out of the trash. That's what secure IT asset destruction is all about. A trusted asset destruction partner will dispose of your obsolete legacy data by destroying the computers, drives, tapes, and even printers and fax machines on which it may reside.

Goal #2: Avoid legal and compliance tangles.

How, exactly, do you destroy and dispose of all that gear? Compliance regulations specific to your industry dictate not only how long you must retain data but also how you must dispose of it. Failure to comply may result in fines and penalties. That's a concern of 74 percent of respondents to the survey, as it should be. Your asset disposition partner will know the rules and will abide by them, keeping you in the loop by documenting the chain of custody and disposition procedures, so you know you're in compliance every step of the way.

Goal # 3: Dispose of assets in a certified, environmentally friendly way (aka "the green angle").

Twenty-five states enforce laws governing proper e-waste disposal. Your city or town may also have landfill regulations. Fortunately, 73 percent of survey respondents are participating in electronics recycling programs. Although they may do so because they want to be green, they also do it because it's the law.

Goal #4: Regain physical space.

Almost half of survey respondents are focusing on asset disposition to free up physical space. This financial consideration can be a powerful motivator if you currently devote a significant amount of storage space to obsolete technology. A streamlined data center is a happy data center, and your asset disposition partner can offer ways to clean up your act in a cost-effective and compliant way.

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