Restart the New Year Right with Five Smart RIM Solutions

Topics: Store and Protect Information

Have you already abandoned those starry-eyed New Year resolutions? You can always hit the refresh button. These five “reresolutions” can ensure that your 2013 information management best practices are safe, compliant and cost-effective.

DID YOU KNOW? According to an Iron Mountain compliance benchmark report, 80% of companies surveyed say they have formal records and information management policies. But only 37% say they consistently apply those policies.

The clock struck midnight, the champagne was passed; Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin once again pushed the envelope, hovering over Times Square. You resolved to run one more day a week, finish Ulysses and stop drinking milk from the carton. Oh, and you were finally going to get a handle on these far-too-common records management problems.

Then came January 2, and with it a sea of new projects. Well, at least you’re using a glass for your milk. But as for RIM stuff, you need a refresh. Get started today. Here’s how:

  1. Do you lack a retention schedule?

    If the answer is yes, you’re likely wasting office space, taking too long to fulfill information requests and saving things that legally you should have shredded.

    The resolution: Decide which documents are essential and which can go. Work with a third-party provider to securely shred older documents according to your schedule.

  2. You lack organization.

    It’s become impossible to find the documents you need, or answer legal challenges in a timely manner.

    The resolution: Vet and contract with a third-party provider who can handle the burden, organize your archived files and produce needed documents faster than you can in-house.

  3. You keep all of your documents in-house.

    Allocating excessive square footage to document storage—whether you own it or not—is neither cost effective nor the best use of that space for your core business.

    The resolution: Outsource your records management. Odds are you should be able to recover the costs by using your reclaimed space to launch new revenue-generating projects.

  4. You don’t shred old files.

    If you’re not shredding files, a huge privacy breach is waiting to happen. One great way identity theft perpetrators get their hands on personal data is through trash surfing.

    The resolution: Hire a trusted third-party company to provide secure shredding. You will likely not need to worry about your customers’ private data falling into the wrong hands.

  5. You’ve gotten lax about compliance.

    Not doing a great job tracking federal, state and/or industry regulations?

    The resolution: You’re risking major fines. So this year, hire a third-party records management company to keep you informed about new regulations affecting your industry.

So there you have it—it’s not too late to clean up your records and information management problems for good. Now you can go home and take that extra run.

Do you have questions about information management? Read additional Knowledge Center Small Business resources, or contact Iron Mountain’s Small Business team. You’ll be connected with a knowledgeable product and services Small Business specialist who can address your specific challenges.

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