Service Level Agreement: an Outsourcing Checklist

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When your company is outsourcing IT, it's important to have a service-level agreement (SLA) checklist for data management and disaster recovery.

A service-level agreement, or SLA, is a critical plank in building your enterprise's data backup and management strategy, especially when it comes to outsourced IT services.

The SLA determines the terms of the agreement with your service provider, including allowable downtime periods, data restoration timeframes, and provisions for system failure. It's like having a roof over your head. But you must be sure that when storms come, and rains lash at the eaves, you won't get soaked.

As any homebuilder knows, you need the right design and materials to ensure that your roof is reliably weatherproof. The same goes for constructing the optimal SLA for data protection, including disaster recovery and cloud backup infrastructure.


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