Troubleshooting: Is Your Fulfillment Technology Letting You Down?

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Not being able to get your hands on the collateral you need at a critical moment can result in some unpleasant consequences. Here's how GroupTrak™, a versatile Iron Mountain solution, can take the drama out of managing your marketing materials.

Stan works in the field, canvassing medical practices and clinics for a major pharmaceutical firm. Last week, he put in an order to the main office for 500 collateral kits supporting an arthritis treatment regimen. The kit, which promotes an active physical lifestyle, includes a colorful mini magazine, a sample, and a Frisbee.

Well, at least that's what Stan thought it included. Instead, he received a mismatched package—an outdoors sports magazine paired with a mini bedtime reading lamp. What's more, the collateral he was pitching was for a formulary that's now sold over the counter.

To close deals, sales and support teams must have accurate, relevant and targeted assets. Not having these materials on hand at any given moment can imperil your firm's relationships and sales.

Failure to Launch: Where Is Your Fulfillment Technology Going Wrong?

Do any of these unfortunate scenarios sound familiar?

1. "Sorry, it's out of stock." If a piece of collateral is unavailable—such as that company pen or those updated brochures—it's likely in high demand and should never be unavailable. Iron Mountain GroupTrak™ works with an inventory system to ensure that you have what you need. It offers:

  • Real-time inventory levels of crucial items
  • Alerts that tell you when it's time to reorder
  • Automatic on-demand printing, for when the need is critical

2. "This brochure is way out of date." That arthritis-treatment brochure may look like what you need. But if its product information is outdated, you've just ordered a bunch of colorful paper airplanes.

The GroupTrak database features editable document templates that your firm can use to update ever-changing product details, thus avoiding the many risks of disseminating outdated and incorrect information.

3. "This magazine is out of compliance." Marketing materials can get you in trouble if you issue them with faulty, incomplete or outdated disclosure information. If you don't observe government requirements, you could be subject to fines, and your name will get dragged through the mud, damaging your brand.

The GroupTrak disclosure tool will not only help you edit disclosure information, but can also ensure that crucial details get updated across multiple documents, keeping your fulfillment program up-to-date and compliant.

4. "Why isn't it here yet?" You're at a doctors' conference, and the collateral you've ordered doesn't arrive. Get ready to make lots of excuses and fewer sales.

Print-on-demand technologies and complete trade show fulfillment services can ensure you'll always have the right materials to present—even if the airline loses your shipment.

5. "We just can't find it." You may not know what collateral is available from your fulfillment operation: You should have that mini magazine available—you know it was printed—but you can't lay your hands on it.

So you have it reprinted, only to have someone discover 5,000 copies a month later in your disorganized New Jersey warehouse. Now you've got about three times more inventory than you'll ever use, and you've wasted valuable marketing dollars. What's more, you'll probably spend even more to store and properly dispose of the materials than they cost to print.

With real-time inventory management, GroupTrak can provide the location and quantity of any piece of collateral. As requests are made, available quantities update onscreen. That means you'll never reprint something unnecessarily just because your sales force, warehouse, or marketing colleagues can't find it. That saves money and buys you valuable peace of mind.

Conversion rates fall every day; clients and prospects wait to get the materials they need, and outages like the ones described here put sales at risk. With GroupTrak, you'll always know what's in stock, in compliance and in the right place at the right time. Now go ahead and give Stan those Frisbees—he's got deals to close.

Do you have questions about fulfillment service? Read additional Knowledge Center stories on this subject, or contact Iron Mountain's Fulfillment Services team. You'll be connected with a knowledgeable product and services specialist who can address your specific challenges.


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