Are You Getting The Most From Your Federal Data Center Environment?

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Business Challenge

Data Centers in the Federal Government are being consolidated in significant numbers to meet the requirements of the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI). But as the focus on consolidation starts to draw down as agencies approach the 2015 deadline, more emphasis is placed on optimization—getting more from the Data Center than ever.

Reducing costs and footprint, as well as ideal energy consumption, are becoming more of a focus moving forward to maximize existing data centers. This is where an optimal data center environment becomes critical. As the need to share data across agencies grows, controlling the proliferation of Big Data and managing information assets with better tracking and preservation methods is imperative.

INDUSTRY FACT: Agencies face growth pressures in the data center; 52% of agencies must add capacity/bandwidth/storage to improve data center agility. They must address this in a thoughtful way, as $20 Billion is wasted annually due to a lack of consolidation

How This Affects You...

  • Managing information assets becomes more important as agencies get to critical mass on data center footprint
  • As data center performance is measured with more scrutinized parameters as part of ROI expectations, the right environment becomes critical
  • As data continues to grow, optimizing data centers will become a priority to keep up

What If You Could...

  • Meet the strictest standards for compliance and security requirements
  • Focus your resources on investments and strategies with the highest return
  • Ensure your data center environment can improve energy consumption and reduce footprint
  • Deliver better services at lower costs and more efficiently
  • Track assets more effectively than your current environment

Iron Mountain Offers The Optimal Data Center Environment

With Iron Mountain, you can utilize a data center in a secure, FISMA P1 High compliant and energy-efficient facility to ensure seamless performance of mission functions. You can transition your operations to a more versatile colocation environment with best practices and a comprehensive portfolio of services.

Colocation Options

  • Wholesale Data Center
  • provides dedicated, secure space with flexible, scalable growth options and metered power
  • Retail Colocation
  • gives you access to a secure, shared environment supported by scalable floor space and reliable power and cooling

We have industry-leading resiliency and uptime, the security controls required to meet stringent government needs and rigorous compliance controls unparalleled by other providers. And with our Compliant Asset Tracking Service (CATS) and Data Center Infrastructure Management Portal (DCIM), you can easily monitor and manage your assets with the same confidence as an in-house deployment.

Data Center Services

If you require additional support, you can rely on the following services from Iron Mountain to help you optimize your data center environment:

  • Secure Migration Services
  • Installation and Remote Hands
  • RFID-based IT Asset Tracking
  • Secure Network Services
  • Compliant IT Security
  • Offsite Tape Vaulting
  • Secure e-Waste and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Services

Rely On The Partner You Trust

Iron Mountain is the name you know and trust for information management. Our data center offerings are held to the highest standards in the industry. In an Iron Mountain Data Center, you can have confidence in your disaster recovery plan and testing, eliminate your tape infrastructure, simplify your backup management and make the most of your limited infrastructure budgets while reducing footprint and energy costs.


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