Cloud Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Services for NetApp Users

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There’s no good time for unexpected downtime in today’s always-on climate. Even a single hour without critical data or applications can lead to lost revenue and a damaged reputation. IT leaders know their organizations need fast, rocksolid data backup and disaster recovery (DR) capabilities. Yet IT leaders must also control costs and support high-value business activities.

Iron Mountain® Server Backup, powered by Seagate® has the solution: purpose-built cloud data protection and DR services designed specifically for NetApp® storage environments. Ensure your business can weather any disruption or unplanned outage, while protecting and extending the value of your NetApp investments.

Cost-Effective Cloud Data Protection Services for NetApp

A comprehensive business resiliency strategy begins with robust and reliable data backup and recovery. The Data Protection Service for NetApp enables NetApp customers using SnapVault® to protect critical data with an affordable and predictable pay-as-you-go model and no upfront capital investments. A fraction of the cost of legacy onsite solutions, the Data Protection Service for NetApp makes it easy to protect your data without blowing your budget.

Fast, Efficient, and Reliable Data Backup and Recovery

The Data Protection Service for NetApp eliminates the litany of pains imposed by legacy backup solutions. With legacy systems, bandwidth constraints lead to missed backup windows; tape backups are nearly impossible to automate, difficult to restore and vulnerable to data loss, even with regular testing. Deduplication backup appliances add to a company’s upfront CapEx, and manual backup tasks sidetrack IT professionals from focusing on more valuable activities.

Based on NetApp storage technology, this cloud-based backup and recovery subscription service compresses and transmits data over a secure encrypted tunnel to a secure data center using NetApp SnapVault.

IT organizations cut backup times from hours to minutes and ensure a fast, reliable, efficient data recovery process in the event of a disruption. The Data Protection Service for NetApp also eliminates upfront costs and CapEx. You pay only for the resources you use.

Implementing the service is simple: the initial seed is performed using specific DAS devices, and the data is secured, returned and loaded into a vFiler on the designated platform. The service uses NetApp storage hardware and software exclusively, with no new equipment to buy and no new skills or staffing required.

Cloud Disaster Recovery for NetApp

Data protection is necessary for business resiliency, but it’s not enough. IT organizations also need the ability to restore business-critical applications quickly following a disaster or unplanned outage.

The Cloud Disaster Recovery Service for NetApp provides an enterprise-grade alternative to legacy, do-it-yourself DR solutions. This complete, cloud-based continuity service, managed by professionals with proven NetApp expertise, guarantees your business will stay resilient and get up running following any disaster or disruption.

Proactive Failover: Protection for Planned Outages

The Cloud Disaster Recovery Service for NetApp does more than just protect against unplanned outages. IT groups can also use the service to cover planned outages: When you need to take the system down for maintenance or upgrades, the production environment will failover to the secure cloud, allowing protected applications to function seamlessly during the downtime window.

Dependable, Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Many firms run backup data centers, at branch offices or colocation facilities, to provide disaster recovery services. Yet this approach often fails to meet its objectives: IT organizations seeking greater control over DR activities at a lower cost are instead saddled with inadequate testing, unwanted complexity and escalating costs associated with hardware capital expenses.

The Cloud Disaster Recovery Service for NetApp is a better way to restore critical business applications. This solution uses NetApp SnapMirror technology to replicate critical systems from your data center to the cloud in real time, and it also provides cloud-based compute and networking capabilities to deliver a complete business resiliency solution. If a disaster or unplanned outage occurs, the recovery machines will spin up within a selected 1-hour or 24-hour SLA window, and your IT team gets secure access via a remote SSL VPN to your recovered data and applications.

The service is also tested before it is activated, ensuring a successful post-disaster recovery process. After successful testing, you’ll get a step-by-step Disaster Declaration Card and a fully documented, custom DR plan tailored to your applications and business needs.

The Cloud Disaster Recovery Service for NetApp eliminates costly CapEx hardware investments and colocation contracts. Your company benefits from predictable payas- you-go pricing, support from a first-rate team of DR and NetApp experts and the ability to adjust quickly and flawlessly as your application recovery needs evolve. By using secure multi-tenancy, and shared and virtualized resources, your organization also benefits from lower OpEx — without sacrificing security or performance.

Benefiting From the Cloud: Guaranteed Business Resilience for NetApp Users

Today’s enterprise IT groups recognize the value of cloudbased data protection services: According to a 2014 Forrester Study, more than 40 percent of enterprises have already adopted these services or plan to do so. (Source: The Forrester Wave™: Disaster-Recovery-As-A-Service Providers, Q1 2014)

Take advantage of this shift to the cloud. The Data Protection Service and Cloud Disaster Recovery Service for NetApp gives your IT organization the data backup and DR services you need to make your business resilient in the face of any disaster, while still leveraging the power and performance of your NetApp storage solutions.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Service for NetApp is Hosted in Iron Mountain's Underground Data Center:

  • Unmatched physical and logical security
  • Underground, natural disaster protection
  • Zero earthquake zone
  • 24x7 armed security with additional levels
  • Full backup power for 72 hours


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