Eliminate Duplicate Patient Information Across Your Enterprise

Topics: Healthcare IT Management

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Industry Fact:

Industry averages reflect a typical duplicate rate of between 5 and 10%.

— Day J, Wzresien D. One Hospital’s Journey to MPI Data Integrity. AHIMA.

Business Challenge

You have spent months - if not years making the strategic decision to implement a new EHR or patient portal. You’ve researched vendor solutions, conducted in depth technical reviews, checked and double-checked references, even brought in consultants to help you make your choice.

Or perhaps you’ve made a strategic acquisition or merger, requiring alignment of systems and data – and interoperability across your health system. As you prepare to migrate data from your legacy application to a new one, are you confident that the patient record data quality is reliable? Or are you just moving dirty data from one system to another?

How This Affects You

An inaccurate or error-laden Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI):

  • Increases patient-safety risks - including diagnosis and treatment errors.
  • Inhibits timely EHR migration impacting your ability to go-live, and introducing potential penalties.
  • Creates an inflated total number of patients - making it challenging for you to address population health initiatives.
  • Limits your ability to exchange information across facilities inhibiting the delivery of cohesive, comprehensive care across your health network.
  • Delays your ability to bill negatively impacting your revenue cycle.
  • Impacts data quality and undermines enterprise-wide IG initiatives — due to poor data availability and accessibility.

What If You Could...

  • Improve patient safety and mitigate the risk of treatment errors.
  • Accelerate your EHR conversion and reduce errors in downstream systems.
  • Enhance compliance with accurate patient reporting.
  • Increase data sharing and support Health Information Exchange and Population Health initiatives - while improving patient outcomes.
  • Reduce expenses and increase revenues by eliminating test duplication – and subsequent collection delays.
  • Enable enterprise-wide information governance through enhanced data integrity.

The Solution

The Iron Mountain® Enterprise Master Patient Cleanup Solution can help you detect, reconcile and prevent duplicate records across multiple sites, locations and systems. With this solution, you can strengthen your ability to meet regulatory compliance standards, reduce the costs and risks associated with patient identity management, and prepare for data-intensive strategic initiatives such as population health analytics.

With this solution, you can:

Identify Data Integrity Challenges

With the Iron Mountain® MPI Analytics Service, you will receive a quantitative analysis of your existing MPI database(s), producing a snapshot-in-time of your MPI data integrity challenges. This analysis includes summary and detailed reports of duplicate record sets that are sorted into logical categories. This service also includes a supporting professional consultation to help you understand both detailed and aggregate level information regarding your specific data integrity issues.

Manage your MPI Cleanup Process

With the Iron Mountain® MPI Project Design and Cleanup service, your engagement begins with a detailed project plan that documents the scope of work and schedule of activities to be performed. Leveraging industry-recognized technology, errors in your enterprise MPI will be identifed. In addition, you will receive comprehensive services to manage the error correction process and resolve duplicate records, overlaps and overlays. An experienced team of HIM-credentialed professionals and talented clean-up staff will provide oversight and management for your project, from start to finish. Each engagement includes detailed procedures for process improvements and best practices for patient data management to help ensure clean patient records going forward.

Supplement your Staffing Resources

Supplement your existing staff with Iron Mountain® Staffing Resources to ensure you have sufficient means to tackle the complex challenges of patient identify management.

Support MPI Project Management, Training and Education

With Iron Mountain® Professional Services, you can rely on expert consultants to assist you in the support of your MPI Cleanup Project. Depending on your needs and current skills, you can leverage our expertise for MPI consultation, software installation, project management, and technical and user training.

What You Gain

  • Improved care through enhanced patient safety and increasing clinician confidence.
  • Increased accuracy of your patient identification to support EHR and HIE implementations.
  • Reduced errors and duplicates, enabling you to achieve error rates as low as .5%
  • Enhanced compliance to help address the reporting for population health and other strategic initiatives.

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