Gain More Control of Your Mortgage File Management

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Industry Fact:

Experts forecast $1.1 trillion in mortgage originations for 2014, which may represent more than 1.6 billion loan pages.

Forecast number provided by Mortgage Bankers Association, Forecast Commentary, April 21, 2014. Page estimate based on average loan size of $200,000 with 300 pages.

Business Challenge

You’re charged with the integrity and management of your loan operations, and it’s a difficult task. A litany of administrative challenges, an everchanging regulatory environment, and tough economic times are significant distractions. The rigor and requests of discovery, audits and selling off of underperforming loans — on top of your regular work load — are big burdens. Audits and the threat of litigation or buybacks are driving you to focus more on records management, taking you away from your core business responsibilities.

You want to focus on your business — instead of devoting so much time and resources on your loan file management. When you take more control of your loan file lifecycle, with standards, procedures, security, retention and destruction practices, you can focus on with your business, mitigate risk.

What If You Could...

  • Automate and standardize your loan file management so you know what you have and can access it quickly?
  • Leverage the expertise of a trained and ready team to fill your gaps?
  • Simplify your loan file lifecycle?

The Iron Mountain® Mortgage And Loan Document Management Solution Is Built On The Following Products And Services:

  • Document Conversion Services
  • Mortgage Document Classification Services
  • Digital Record Center® for Images
  • Records Storage — both active and inactive files
  • Technology and Consulting
  • Secure Destruction


  • Awareness of missing loan file documents before you need them and quick access to what you need.
  • The ability to quickly respond to loan requests from many different parties, including auditors, litigators and portfolio sales.
  • More streamlined operations.

With Iron Mountain Document Conversion Services you can digitalize loan files as your needs dictate. We’ll inventory converted files and provide you with a detailed reconciliation report. You can opt to selectively image only key portions of mortgage files. Because the entire process takes place in a secure Iron Mountain facility, you’ll eliminate the need for specialized equipment and training.

Leverage our Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) technology to automate classification of key mortgage documents with exception and quality reviews conducted by a team specially trained for this. Your files are classified by document type according to a library that spans hundreds of document types, lenders and states. Files with missing documents are flagged.

Our hosted repository provides centralized and secure electronic access to your mortgage files and enables simultaneous online review of your documents by multiple parties. When you use our Digital Record Center for Images, you can avoid costly technology purchases and management.

Store your records using active or inactive file management and leverage our record retention best practices for the unique needs of mortgage files. Your information will be protected by the most highly secure personnel and facilities in the industry. Track the location of your mortgage documents with Iron Mountain Accutrac® software.

At the end of each mortgage file’s lifecycle, securely destroy it in a way that is compliant, reliable and cost effective, wherever it resides.

Customer Success

A commercial bank needed to sell loans quickly to generate cash and remove non-performing loans from its portfolio. The bank partnered with Iron Mountain to securely image and distribute its loans.

The Results

  • Hundreds of commercial loan files —with an average of 6,000 pages per file — securely transported and swiftly imaged.
  • Images stored in hosted repository with separate and secure access provided to multiple investors.
  • Reduced time and cost of sales.


Records Management Solution Brief
Records Management Solution Brief

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With Iron Mountain Records Management services, you'll have the resources you need to effectively store and safeguard your information assets, and make them easily accessible to individuals across your organization.