Give Mobile Lawyers Access to the Records They Need

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Business challenge

Industry Fact

“36% of law firms see improved client service through faster information access as a primary benefit of scanning paper.”

- iLTA eGroup Survey on Scanning Initiatives. August 2012.

A growing number of firms are pivoting their practices to make mobile lawyers productive – a key driver for the business of law today. Mobile lawyers work on their smartphones, iPADs® and laptops from where ever they are. They want access to information, now; not after they get back to the office to look at a paper document brought back from offsite storage. To maintain client satisfaction and win new business opportunities, lawyers need to be responsive to clients even when they are “on the road.” And that means firms are crafting imaging workflows to give mobile lawyers the information they need for efficient client services.

And HR, finance, and other administrative departments want to move to a “less paper” environment for privacy and efficiency reasons. All of this has many law firms grappling with how to build scanning – converting paper documents to electronic documents – into their workflows.

How This Affects You

  • You must give mobile lawyers online access to documents
  • You know mobile lawyers need to instantly see needed documents, not wait until they get back to the office
  • You may be building scanning into RIM workflows
  • You want to scan administrative documents to manage privacy risks, efficient access

What If You Could...

  • Make busy, mobile lawyers more productive by building scanning into your workflows?
  • Speed lawyers’ collaboration on hot documents using “image on demand”?
  • Access secure, compliant scanning services for functions like HR, finance, and accounting where privacy concerns loom?

The changing dynamics in the legal industry demand that firms align their records program with firm strategic business priorities.

What You Gain

  • More productive mobile lawyers and efficient client service delivery.
  • Confidence that your sensitive documents are imaged with secure protocols in accordance with ethical and regulatory requirements like HIPAA.
  • Reduced wasted time with fast streamlined imaging processes.

Iron Mountain Records And Information Management 360°™ Solution

To keep clients happy and win new business, your lawyers need fast access to information from wherever they are. If you’re outperformed by a competitor when responding to a client request, it could mean lost business.

Document Imaging

With our paper-to-digital conversion services, law firm best practices, and workflows, law firms access the resources to convert their hardcopy documents to an electronic format, readily available to mobile lawyers and users across the firm.

With our menu of services, you go “paperless” at your own pace tapping us for discrete projects, Image on Demand™, or a Go-Forward approach. Images can be stored in our Digital Record Center® for Images, or automatically ingested into your own document management system. All imaging is conducted in secure facilities under tight protocols for regulatory compliance and privacy.

Customer Success

A 300-lawyer firm sought to differentiate itself from competitors by going digital, starting with moving active files offsite to reduce its headquarters’ central records footprint. The firm’s staff is prepping the files offsite for a multi-month imaging project conducted by Iron Mountain specialists, which includes workflow integration into the firm’s document management system. The firm plans to introduce the same workflow to additional offices.

The Results

  • 10k linear feet of repurposed records real estate
  • 6 records FTEs operating offsite
  • Improved access to information for mobile attorneys


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