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Business Challenge

Information managers across the globe struggle with their records retention schedule in three ways: keeping up with the latest rules and regulations for records retention, applying these rules to content infrastructure, and communicating these changes to employees.

The fact is, quality legal research is the foundation of a reliable retention schedule. After all, you rely on this research to make important information management decisions, so you need to be sure it’s accurate and trustworthy.

But if you’re attempting to maintain policies, classification schemas, and retention schedules with manual, time intensive processes and piecemeal spreadsheets, you leave your organization at risk of non-compliance. As a result, you may be limiting the potential of your information management program, making it difficult to mine records for business insights that deliver real, bottom-line value.

How This Affects you

  • Keeping records longer than required for legal, regulatory, or business reasons
  • Limited resources to build, curate, and update a legally defensible, global retention schedule
  • Inconsistent regulatory citation and change tracking that impacts legal defensibility
  • Manual placement of the rules and regulations across your content infrastructure

Industry Fact:

68% of IG practitioners struggle to keep up with the latest rules and regulations for records retention to govern both physical and electronic information.

— Coleman Parkes Research. Iron Mountain commissioned survey. 2015

What If You Could...

  • Stop retaining less useful information by applying accurate retention requirements?
  • Have global visibility into the latest version of your retention schedule, so you can communicate policy and keep records compliant—no matter where they are?
  • Quickly locate and share accurate, consistently formatted legal citations with your General Counsel, Compliance Officer, or other constituents?
  • Synchronize your RIM-enabled systems to ensure that policy is being consistently applied to all content?

Iron Mountain® Global Research

With the Iron Mountain® Global Research service and Policy Center solution, you gain access to relevant rules and regulations on a country-by-country basis so you can proactively implement and communicate new retention guidelines to all employees and RIM-enabled systems across your enterprise. You’ll receive expert guidance to help you create or revamp your records retention schedule, improving your records taxonomy and structure. And with expert guidance, you’ll define your go-forward legal research needs based on your unique requirements, so you can keep your schedule continually current.

Iron Mountain Global Research Service and Consulting

The Iron Mountain® Global Research service shifts the paradigm of how legal research is compiled, curated, and delivered for retention schedules. Using a proven, step-by-step consulting methodology, our legal experts define and build a research library tailored to your organization’s risk profile and sized to your global footprint.

The Global Research service includes ongoing maintenance updates. Our legal teams within individual industries and geographies continually monitor legal and regulatory activities associated with the 30,000+ meticulously documented global legal citations in our proprietary research catalogue. You can subscribe to specific areas of law within your countries of operation to receive consistently formatted retention requirements mapped to your record class structure. When laws change within your jurisdictions, you’re alerted immediately, so you can incorporate policy changes with the click of a mouse.

Iron Mountain® Policy Center

The Policy Center solution is the cloud-based portal through which you receive up-to-date retention guidelines from the localities you operate. You can systematically update and share your retention schedules with your content infrastructure through a standardized integration connector. You can even share content, such as legal citations and retention requirements, from within Policy Center with flexible exporting and reporting.

Policy Center is built to stand up to the most stringent security standards. Administrators can set IP address and user restrictions, limit access to content, protect against unauthorized visitors with incorrect password lockout, and reference user log-on history and an audit log that records activities within the application.

Global Research workflow

What You Gain

  • The ability to create and centrally manage enterprise, departmental, and jurisdictional retention schedules
  • Access to more than 30,000 high quality legal citations from local law firms in 160 jurisdictions
  • Electronically stored information (ESI) and data location mapping
  • Advanced, tag-based filtering and searching
  • Export and sharing of legal citations or retention guidelines
  • Research “certified” by an independent third party (optional)
  • Full audit trail, including role-based permission and security
  • Continuous maintenance updates delivered directly to you online
  • Personalized support from our virtual legal “Help Desk”