Iron Mountain Inventory Governance Solution

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Business Challenge

You know the records and information you manage are some of the most important assets to your organization. And you need to be able to access your information while also demonstrating control, which means knowing exactly what you have and being able to show where it is. That isn’t always as easy as it sounds, especially if non-records management personnel from your organization are sending records offsite.

Driving program consistency and enforcement across your locations can be a nightmare. But if you aren’t in control, you’ll be hard-pressed to drive the retention and disposition decisions necessary to contain storage costs and volumes and respond to any business, litigation, or auditors’ requests. What’s more, storing records not managed according to your policy can create dangerous compliance gaps.

How This Affects You

  • You might not be able to quickly or efficiently get the information you need when you have to weed through unidentified inventory.
  • You may need help getting employees across your company to comply with your policy in an unobtrusive way.
  • You know you need to control your storage costs but don’t know what you can defensibly destroy.
  • You must comply with requests coming in from various stakeholders to prove the soundness of your program.

What If You Could ...

  • Monitor and drive better behavior from your distributed workforce?
  • Classify and destroy the records you no longer need, using a legally credible, proven methodology?
  • Improve the lifecycle management of your records?
  • Choose how you’ll demonstrate compliance?
  • Simplify the work required to demonstrate control of your Records and Information Management (RIM) program?

Iron Mountain Inventory Governance Solution: Take Control of Your Physical Records Inventory

You’ll have assurance that you’re in control of your physical records inventory so you can access information when you need it. You’ll not only have the tools and workflows to prevent and remediate inventory issues so you know what it is you are storing, but you’ll also have choices for how you can show where it is stored to prove that it has the proper security protocols in place.

Know What It Is

Data Validation: Prevent

For go-forward inventory, you’ll have a process to help prevent future inventory issues and drive better behavior through a system driven approach that can be set up in one of two ways:

» Iron Mountain Site Validation: Iron Mountain takes all cartons and provides proactive exception reporting and/ or remediation once the cartons are brought back to the storage facility.

» Customer Site Validation: Prevention: Iron Mountain leaves cartons with incomplete metadata at your location to ensure that you are only sending cartons with metadata to offsite storage.

Data Integrity Project: Remediate

For legacy inventory, our unique Data Integrity service helps remediate your existing data gaps so you know which records, whether stored onsite or offsite, can be destroyed through our proprietary retention management feature that systematically calculates destruction eligibility.

Show Where It Is

Inventory Audit: Prove

Only Iron Mountain offers you choices for how you’ll prove compliance. You’ll be able to satisfy audit requirements by providing proof of your assets in Iron Mountain’s records centers and verification of their physical integrity in one of two ways:

» Physical Scan: A cost effective physical barcode scan where you’ll receive a statistically significant check on a subset of your inventory.

» Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): If your organization requires a 100 percent inventory check, you can leverage the latest asset tracking technology to perform fast and repeatable audits.

What You Gain ...

  • Assurance that your workforce is consistently adhering to your policy
  • A more compliant inventory, allowing you to make better retention, disposition and space management decisions
  • Faster and easier access to information
  • Lower storage costs and reduced exposure during litigation
  • Ability to choose which audit solution best fits your needs

Customer Success

An international telecommunications company had multiple locations in a decentralized model, resulting in a fragmented records management program. Recognizing the need for a more streamlined approach because of the growing number of unidentified records, the company worked with Iron Mountain to set up Data Validation. They started by identifying required fields to have adequate metadata for boxes sent to offsite storage. Now, users are required to add metadata and the records management team receives proactive exception reporting, allowing them to quickly fix any incompletely described inventory.

The Results:

- Improved metadata capture on cartons sent offsite by 80 percent within six months

- Reduced time the records management team spent on reconciliation issues by two days per month

- Allowed the records management team to focus on more strategic program initiatives