Know Your Clinical and Business Data is Protected

Topics: Healthcare IT Management

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Business Challenge

Two competing trends are making it difficult for healthcare organizations to manage the backup and archival of their data. On the one hand, you have explosive data growth driven by such factors as Electronic Medical Record (EMR) adoption and medical imaging. On the other, there is the pressure to cost effectively store, manage, and protect this data. This task is further complicated by the varied access and retention requirements of your clinical and non-clinical data.

What’s more, while HIPAA, ARRA, HITECH, and other regulatory mandates are forcing you to address privacy and pursue meaningful use, it is also imperative that you develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan and test that it works. After all, disaster recovery plays an integral role in your ability to restore data in the event of a disaster or disruption — and helps you protect your organization’s reputation.

How This Affects You

Whether your data is stored on tape or in the cloud, you need to know you can keep up with your ever-growing storage requirements, while ensuring your data is protected and recoverable.

You are:

  • Treating your data as active, storing it on costly media, and rarely accessing it after it is stored – increasing your storage costs and legal risks
  • Backing up unchanging archival data, impacting your shrinking backup windows and increasing the burden on your resources
  • Keeping your data onsite or in close proximity – increasing the risk of failed recovery after a natural or man-made disaster

What If You Could

  • Effectively manage your data growth and reduce your TCO for storage by reducing the cost and complexity of managing your secondary storage and Data Centers?
  • Have confidence that your data is stored in a compliant manner and that you’ll be able to access it when needed?
  • Reduce the burden on your IT resource so you can focus on more strategic initiatives?
  • Quickly recover in the event of disaster – enabling you to support continuity of care?

Iron Mountain® Healthcare IT Solutions provide a range of services designed to help protect and manage critical clinical and business data. Services include:

Archiving Services

With Medical Image Archiving Services, you get exabyte-scale cloud-based storage for your PACS data – enabling you to manage and preserve the data for long periods of time.

With the Iron Mountain Archival Tape Management solution, you can consolidate silos of tape catalog data, eliminate the burden of managing legacy tape and infrastructure, and recover your data when you need it.

Additionally, Data Archiving Services enable you to create a consolidated storage environment for an expanding number of applications that manage fixed content files. Your IT staff will not have to continuously manage the infrastructure, add storage over time, or replace obsolete storage.

Data Backup and Recovery Services

With Offsite Tape Vaulting Services, you’ll gain enhanced visibility and control over all your media – stored securely offsite – so that it can be recovered in the event of disaster.

Cloud-Based Server Backup Services enable you to execute secure backups automatically and continuously, either via the Internet or your own network. Data is stored in our underground data centers and available for ready retrieval.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Services: Our cloud disaster recovery experts plan, test, and manage your entire recovery process, and give you secure, unlimited access to your systems in our cloud within 1, 24, or 48 hours.

With Data Restoration Services, you’ll be able to identify the data you need from your backup media and we will restore and deliver what you need regardless of the format. You no longer need to keep your old equipment to find information residing legacy backup tapes.

Data Center and IT Services

HIPAA Compliant Colocation Options

Wholesale Data Center provides you with dedicated, secure space with flexible, scalable growth options and metered power.

Retail Colocation gives you access to a secure, shared environment supported by scalable floor space and reliable power and cooling that flex as your business needs change.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Iron Mountain Secure IT Asset Disposition reduces the risk, cost, and complexity associated with securely disposing of your IT assets. You will receive a certificate of destruction by an e-Stewards certified partner.

Secure Media Destruction helps you establish a defensible, documented, and repeatable process to prepare, transport, and destroy hard drives, backup tapes, and other ewaste onsite at your data center or at an offsite destruction facility.