Law Firms Manage Information Lifecycle: Reduce Legacy Storage Costs

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Business challenge

Industry fact

47% of law firms say that destruction program ambiguity, time to review, and rules on client-notification pose significant barriers to reducing legacy storage.

- 2011 Law Firm Information Management Benchmark Report, Iron Mountain

The majority of law firms today are very focused on improving operational efficiencies and cost management. One area ripe for attention is the cost of storing legacy client files. Firms are looking for best practices and practical solutions to defensibly destroy their massive volumes of outdated client files.

The process of determining what records can be destroyed, and how to comply with bar association client notice requirements is complicated. First, in many cases firms don’t have the data they need to determine destruction eligibility, as they didn’t have software systems and detailed indexing in place when files were sent to storage. Second, complying with Bar Association guidance to give clients notice before destruction of their files can be an extremely manual process as client addresses and contact information has likely changed. Plus, many firms have “mixed boxes” containing a mix of client matter files that may be eligible for destruction and some that are not eligible. Sorting through all of this can be an extremely manual, resource-intensive, and time-consuming undertaking.

But firms know that a massive cleansing of their inventory would not only lower storage costs, but also help them get on top of what they have, and find what the lawyers need faster. This results in more efficient client service delivery, client satisfaction, and more business.

How This Affects You

  • You grimace every time you pay storage fees on documents that haven’t been accessed in years.
  • Your older boxes are poorly indexed and you don’t have metadata to determine destruction eligibility.
  • Bar associations require you notify clients before destroying their files, yet you don’t have updated contact information.
  • Your legacy boxes contain different client matters, but you aren’t sure what is eligible for destruction.

What If You Could...

  • Finally destroy those legacy files and cut costs?
  • Access proven methodologies and technology to classify and scope eligibility of poorly indexed legacy files?
  • Outsource “mixed box” contents review?

What You Gain

  • Lower storage costs from defensible destruction of legacy files.
  • Ability to classify and identify legacy files eligible for destruction.
  • Indexed inventory managed according to best practice standards.
  • Destroy dates identifying which records are eligible to be destroyed in the future.

Iron Mountain Records And Information Management 360°™ Solution

Our services are designed to help you finally tackle legacy file destruction with resources and best practices so you can stop paying for files you never use.

Data Integrity Service

You can have boxes with limited metadata systematically classified using the Iron Mountain Data Integrity methodology, a proprietary suite of intelligent tools to help organizations reduce storage volume.

RIM Consulting Services

With our consulting services you can put a media-neutral records policy in place, refresh your retention schedule based on current bar association and regulatory requirements, and begin to manage the lifecycle of your information assets.

Secure Shredding; Asset Destruction

Our Secure Shredding and Asset Destruction services provide onsite or offsite destruction programs, helping you dispose of information and hardware in a compliant, reliable, and cost-effective way.

Review staff

Under your supervision, trained Iron Mountain records management staff will review boxes of legacy records to confirm contents and destruction eligibility.

Customer Success

A global law firm believed that over 30,000 client matter boxes were eligible for destruction. But they lacked documentation of the exact box contents, and were concerned that some of the documents should not be destroyed. The firm simply did not have the staff to devote to reviewing the box contents to manage this risk, update data, and backfill storage boxes where documents were destroyed. They needed a solution.

Fortunately, with Iron Mountain predestruction review services, they were able to get the results they wanted, including:

  • Efficient review of contents under firm supervision
  • Defensible destruction to reduce storage costs
  • Better data on what’s in their inventory


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