Adaptive Federal Storage Services

Topics: Federal Records and Information Management

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As federal agencies strive to squeeze greater value from the information they generate and collect, they simultaneously face rising costs managing information and the associated risks to keeping sensitive and/ or classified information private and fully secured in space that is quickly becoming constrained. The “Reduce the Footprint” Policy1, enacted by the Office of Management and Budget on March 25, 2015, requires agencies to create a newly reduced baseline footprint that remains flat until 2020.

Records managers and property/facilities managers are now forced to seek creative space design solutions to help them balance growing records demands with ongoing space challenges.

Industry Fact:

Federal managers list reducing physical records footprint as a top 5 urgent driver for records and information management.

Source: Constructing the Next Generation Information Management Professional, Market Connections, April 2016

How This Affects Your Agency

  • Space optimization for records becomes a priority in a reduced footprint environment
  • Records storage is more challenging to keep onsite at your agency
  • Offsite options need to be compliant with federal requirements

What If You Could...

  • Implement strategic space design standards to maximize density and reduce footprint for records storage?
  • Create a federally compliant environment where your records are stored in a fully secured, fully defensible manner?
  • Consolidate your onsite file rooms under one vendor in one location?
  • Leverage custom leased space for a combination of storage and office uses?

Become Space Makers While Facing Shrinking Footprints

Optimizing Information Management is about more than reorganizing and filing records. It is about enabling agency personnel to search, locate and review information to make better and faster decisions, or to respond to FOIA or litigation requests. Both property and records managers recognize by optimizing the storage and management of records, they can help their organizations better achieve core mission goals. They can also reduce their physical footprint, but going about the right solution requires records expertise and maximum space consideration.

By turning to fully-compliant records storage leasing services, federal agencies gain flexibility and reduce or alleviate concerns about the impact of moving records off-site, or delays that may otherwise hamper the delivery of mission-critical government services.

Introducing Iron Mountain® Adaptive Federal Storage Services

With the Iron Mountain® Adaptive Federal Storage Services, your business can utilize a solution for custom federal compliant storage of agency records. Iron Mountain’s expertise provides a distinct differentiator to agencies in need of NARA regulated and federally compliant space for records. Iron Mountain® Adaptive Federal Storage Services provides a unique opportunity for agencies to procure space tailored to meet their specific needs. Agencies also gain the ability to choose from a number of additional services that will help support best-practice records center operations. This new service helps agencies gain the flexibility to move a mix of records management functions, such as: active/ inactive files, digital conversion, and even staffing — to an offsite, dedicated leased space.

This solution is designed to help agencies:

  • Cut costs and gain operational efficiencies
  • Inherit more consistent retention and information governance practices
  • Customize a solution to meet specific agency needs for a specific set of requirements
  • Creatively develop a flexible solution to their records requirements for future needs
  • Add-on additional optional services structured to help agencies support “best practice” records management operations

Iron Mountain® Adaptive Federal Storage Services offers compliant storage for records based on requirements for square footage of space required. This customized offering can help federal agencies optimize their existing workspace while improving records lifecycle management. This offering enables agencies to better track their information, retrieve it in a timely fashion, and store at a much higher density level to maximize space.

Standard Services and Additional Options:

  • Facility with Federal compliance
  • High density racking
  • Property management for maintenance and security
  • Standard common space, including bathrooms, a review room and conference room
  • Set personnel access to each facility

Additional Services for Self Management Include:

  • Office space development
  • Customized racking design
  • Consultative services to support lifecycle records management
  • Digitization of records
  • Secure record destruction

Full Service Add-Ons Would Include:

  • Iron Mountain professional staffing
  • Access to Iron Mountain electronic records management systems
  • Secure transportation
  • Image-on-Demand

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