Topics: Health Information Governance

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Professional Readiness and Opportunity

The healthcare industry has declared: information governance (IG) is a business imperative! As a result, challenges and opportunities abound for the many healthcare professionals, regardless of their role and position, whose responsibility it is to execute on this declaration.

A breakthrough survey, conducted by Cohasset Associates, in conjunction with the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), examined the readiness of healthcare professionals to address the technical and strategic demands they face, as well the opportunities that manifest as they work to advance IG in their organizations.

This white paper recounts the findings from that survey—exploring the roles, readiness, and satisfaction of healthcare professionals in this evolving IG environment. You will find:

  • Measures of the IG-related skill preparedness, communication efficacy and leadership competency of healthcare professionals.
  • Details on training, education and other resources vital to the success of healthcare professionals in IG roles.
  • The extent to which healthcare professionals experience IG-related job satisfaction.

Survey Overview

Recognized as a healthcare imperative, IG establishes the policy level rules, investment priorities and accountabilities for information stewardship and for managing the lifecycle of information. AHIMA defines information governance as:

“ An organization-wide framework for managing information throughout its lifecycle and supporting the organization’s strategy, operations, and regulatory, legal and environmental requirements.”

The survey and this white paper examine the myriad issues faced by healthcare professionals as they fulfil their IG responsibilities:

  • Sponsorship and “Tone at the Top”
  • Organizational IG oversight
  • Job satisfaction and career advancement
  • Training and education

This white paper and its associated survey results will provide insights that encourage, develop and enable today’s healthcare IG professionals and inspire future IG careers.

Survey Highlights

These Survey Highlights summarize key findings, while providing recommendations for healthcare professionals as they respond to the challenges of advancing information governance (IG) in their organizations.

Three survey highlights and consequent recommended actions are detailed in this section, along with key benchmarking data from the survey.

  • Use this section to assess the information governance-related readiness of the healthcare professionals and the challenges they encounter.
  • In response, formulate internal action plans. Develop communications to highlight the IG successes and opportunities of the healthcare professionals and those of the organizations they represent.
  • Make available targeted and supportive IG resources.
  • survey highlights

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