Iron Mountain Customers Share Compliance Litigation and Discovery Best Practices

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Manage Information for Compliance and Streamline Discovery

Companies today are creating and storing more documents, in more formats, than ever before. Knowing what your physical and electronic assets are, and where they can be found, is critical – and never more so than when confronted with the prospect of discovery. By combining practical advice with advanced technology, we help customers create defensible programs that meet even their most formidable legal, regulatory and compliance obligations.

As the volume of organizational records and documents grow, so do organizations’ dependence on this information to simultaneously serve a variety of needs. In the meantime, regulations are continually evolving to ensure information is appropriately managed throughout the lifecycle, even going so far as defining what that lifecycle should be.

That’s because physical and electronic information can represent risk. Effectively minimizing risk as it relates to compliance means bridging the information continuum — from creation through destruction.

While aligning information management processes with compliance guidelines can certainly be challenging, many organizations have demonstrated success. This guide showcases the various ways that Iron Mountain customers address their own compliance and discovery requirements by leveraging our intellectual property, practical advice and best practices.


With expertise developed over decades of experience in information management workflows and business processes across industries, Iron Mountain helps customers tackle legal, security and privacy risks via unique and comprehensive solutions. Our solutions and services help companies identify and destroy irrelevant information while preserving the records needed for regulatory compliance.

More to the point, we help customers know what they have so they can find it faster, use it more efficiently and, ultimately, realize greater value from it. These companies run the gamut in terms of size, sector and requirements. And, they have improved their compliance postures with the help of solutions that enforce corporate governance and increase end-to-end transparency of physical and digital information.

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— 60 years of domain expertise embedded in our people, processes and technology
— World’s largest Records Management Consulting practice

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— Data Protection and Recovery
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— Information Destruction

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— Serving more than 140,000 customers in virtually every industry
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The Statistics Tell the Story

Iron Mountain’s comprehensive information management solutions are supported by the practical advice and best practices that enable us to serve as a trusted provider for more than 140,000 organizations.

It’s the statistics that tell the story best. Our services help thousands of organizations protect, recover and access:

425 million cubic feet of paper records
65 million backup tapes
10 billion emails
2.5 million PCs
20,000 servers
29.5 TB of stored images

What’s more, we help customers bridge the paper-to-pixels divide by scanning over 50 million images per month. We have protected these and other vital records throughout our history, including support for 2,372 disaster events and 43,235 disaster recovery tests. And, when it comes to secure, compliant destruction, we have the bandwidth and global reach to conduct over 8 million shredding engagements each year.