State of the Tape Industry: Q4 2016

Topics: Offsite Tape Vaulting

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Tape expanded its reach in 2016 effectively addressing many data intensive markets including cloud, entertainment, hyperscale data centers, High Performance Computing (HPC) and the Internet along with large-scale data intensive applications such as big data, backup, recovery, long-term archive, disaster recovery, government compliance, while positioning for the unknown appetite of the IoT. The tape industry has been fueled by a decade of strong technological development and continues to play a major role for its traditional backup and disaster recovery services in addition to effectively addressing many new large-scale storage requirements. Demand for tape is being fueled by unrelenting data growth, significant technological advancements, tape’s highly favorable economics, low energy requirements, and the growing regulatory and business requirements to maintain "access to data forever." Steady improvements have made tape technology the most reliable storage medium available, now surpassing the reliability of HDDs by three orders of magnitude. Disk technology has been advancing, but tape’s progress over the last ten years has been even greater.

The Tape Storage Council has issued this quarterly report to highlight the current trends, usages and technology innovations occurring within the tape storage industry.

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