What Makes Marketers Lose Sleep at Night

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As a marketing professional, you’ve probably experienced your share of sleepless nights. If so, you’re not alone. Search the internet and you’ll find an assortment of articles, blogs and surveys listing the top issues that make marketing executives toss and turn.

At least two organizations – the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and Anderson Analytics – have polled CMOs about their top worries for a number of years. See if your list tracks with their findings.

ANA Surveys

In a recent interview with Marketing Daily, ANA President and CEO Bob Liodice noted that the list of marketers’ key issues hasn’t varied much over the past few years, although priority rankings have fluctuated with changing business conditions.


ANA Surveys

What Does This Have To Do With Fulfillment

Integrating Communications and Campaign

The Bottom Line

The ANA’s October 2010 survey polled 143 senior marketers, asking them to rank their first, second and third priority issues for 2011 from among a list of 12 key areas. Their top three issues were marketing accountability, building strong brands and integrated marketing communications. Media proliferation was ranked fourth in the list of concerns and contributes to the difficulty of making headway in the top three areas.

“Media proliferation has taken everyone by storm,” Liodice said in the Marketing Daily article. “TV and print once accounted for 98% of media planning and activities. Now marketers’ heads are spinning as they attempt to effectively integrate a plethora of online, social media and other options, such as sponsorships.”

Marketing globalization moved up to seventh place, from ninth in the organization’s 2008 survey. According to Liodice, this reflects the attractive growth opportunities presented by developing markets.

Anderson Marketing Trends Reports

Similar concerns emerged in Anderson Analytics’ Marketing Trends 2010 report, released by Anderson and the Marketing Executives Group.2 This report listed marketing return-on-investment as the top concern for marketing executives, with customer satisfaction and customer retention close behind. The study also placed social media at the forefront of most marketing initiatives, with 70% of those surveyed planning new social media initiatives.

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