Iron Mountain Consulting will help you manage these risks. We understand the need and benefits to implementing a thorough Information and Records Management program to effectively locate, identify, classify and destroy data and information across a wide variety of sources and uniformly apply and enforce policies and procedures.

Iron Mountain knows the challenges that you face in attempting to make this a reality. We provide Information and Records Management Consulting services and solutions that help you establish a clear vision and strategy to implement an inter-disciplinary approach to information management. Using a complete “end-to-end process” we will help you develop a program to:

  • Understand the unique aspects of your regulation requirements, prepare for litigation needs by establishing the right policies and procedures
  • Create a cross-functional information management team to manage organizational silos
  • Collaborate effectively with IT to improve legacy environments and provide guidance with new technology investments
  • Establish ongoing program management and enforcement policies

Iron Mountain Consulting will help you strategically address each element in the Information and Records Management process. Our unique perspective and deep knowledge give us insight into how each component of the process impacts the others.