Iron Mountain Consulting can design a comprehensive audit program for your organization’s information and records management program to ensure that employees are properly following corporate policies and procedures. We develop detailed audit metrics to guide you through the audit process and also provide remediation recommendations to help you resolve areas of non-compliance.

Applying industry standards and best practices, our audit certifications and guidelines are intended to provide direction for the implementation of your audit program.

Iron Mountain Consulting audit content coverage includes:

  • Hardcopy  records sent to inactive records storage are adequately indexed to support timely retrieval and application of legal holds
  • Hardcopy records sent to inactive records storage are correctly coded per the records retention schedule to permit proper destruction scheduling
  • Records in all forms related to pending or current legal matters are being “held” in order to prevent their destruction until the legal matter has been closed
  • Records with retention periods that have expired and are not on “hold” are being routinely destroyed
  • Verification that electronic records, including email, are being properly managed
  • Records management training is being provided to personnel with responsibility for records

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