Data is the lifeblood of your business. Tier, Protect and Manage – Smart.

It’s what you rely on to operate your business, enable internal strategies, enter into new markets and support your organization’s compliance needs. But as data growth continues at an unprecedented pace, the systems and software you rely on to manage, store and protect this mission-critical information have grown increasingly complex. Without data management, your business would be in turmoil. Do what you can to make sure your data is secure, yet available when you need it most.

Data Management Services

Gain peace of mind that your data is always protected, while still being available at your fingertips. Iron Mountain offers a suite of data management services to cater to your company’s specific data needs.

  • Server & PC Backup

    Fully managed cloud services... A cloud based managed solution providing automated cloud services and recovery with no capital investment.
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  • Offsite Tape Vaulting

    Securely store backup tapes offsite with a trusted partner with proven resources, technology and experience focused on protecting your data.
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  • Disaster Recovery

    We've got you covered... Have peace of mind that you’ll get back up and running rapidly and reliably—regardless of geography, or the extent of the damage.
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  • Data Archival

    Retain your "must keep" information... A comprehensive suite of services to help you manage your archival backup tapes.
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  • Data Centers

    Get the services you need... Adopt a more versatile version of the data center – one that’s designed to help you support your organization’s changing business needs.
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  • Asset & Media Destruction

    Destroy and recycle or repurpose numerous IT asset types via reliable, environmentally friendly, and secure services capabilities and best practices.
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