The pace and demand for new electronic devices and IT assets is increasing. Studies show that most Fortune 500 companies assign, on average, 3.5 devices per employee (1). As older IT assets reach obsolescence, they continue to pile up. Organizations like yours must have a clear strategy for IT asset disposition. 

Data security and data privacy regulations, along with the proper disposition of electronic waste (e-waste), are forcing you  to more closely evaluate disposal and recycling processes for electronic media destruction. Without secure and environmentally friendly procedures for data destruction; destroying and recycling or repurposing electronics, your company may be at risk for data breaches, regulatory penalties, and a damaged brand reputation.

IT Asset Management: What if you could securely manage your old, obsolete, or decommissioned IT equipment?

The Iron Mountain® Secure IT Asset Disposition service helps you destroy and recycle or repurpose numerous IT asset types via reliable, environmentally friendly, and secure services capabilities and best practices.

e-Stewards Enterprise

Iron Mountain is an e-Stewards Enterprise, offering secure IT asset disposition services that are e-Stewards certified.

E-waste is now the fastest growing component of the municipal solid waste stream. Unfortunately, Electronic waste isn’t just waste - it contains some very toxic substances which ultimately end up in the biosphere and our food chain when they are not recycled properly. e-Stewards Certified Recyclers adhere to the highest standard of environmental responsibility and worker safety, protecting human health and the global environment.

Secure Chain-of-Custody

With auditable verification and strict security practices that include GPS tracking, protected transportation, and a documented chain-of-custody, you’ll know the physical location of your assets. This way you can be confident that your data will remain protected throughout the process.

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