You need to protect your vital business information with effective and secure backups, but you also have changing business objectives to meet.

Business Challenge:

With the rising costs of data and application protection, backup, and continuity you need a solution that will address the security of your information at a reasonable cost. Whether you are eliminating an aging tape infrastructure and just simplify backup management, you need to leverage the cloud effectively for your data protection solution.

Industry Fact:

Average cost of downtime per hour is over $1.5M — Source: For firms with more than 10,000 employees. IDC: Measuring Cost of Downtime and Recovery Objectives Among U.S. Firms, July 2013.

The Solutions:

You can have your critical business data available in the event of an outage through a private or public cloud-based, onsite or offsite data backup service offered by Iron Mountain. Iron Mountain® Managed Backup is a cloud-based Backup as a Service (BaaS), offering solutions designed to address your unique backup, retention, and retrieval needs and to provide high security, around-the-clock access to your information. With a choice of scalable, more flexible and managed data protection solutions, you can reduce your total cost of ownership and better manage your compliance requirements.

What You Gain:

Iron Mountain Managed Backup offers a robust range of onsite, offsite, and hybrid data protection solutions for clients who want to achieve information resiliency and operational recovery including:

  • Pay-as-you-use pricing model.
  • No capex investment required by client.
  • Scalability and automation to handle growth.
  • Flexibility to meet changing requirements.
  • High levels of performance and reliability.
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities.
  • Reduced costs for deploying new services.