Business Challenge

Technology is evolving rapidly, and new technologies are changing how you work not only in the data center, but also in office equipment and mobile devices. You may already have secure disposal procedures in place for digital media, but what happens when you retire your legacy devices? Many IT assets now contain proprietary and sensitive corporate information and so the process of IT asset disposition (ITAD) is more complex and introduces significant business risk for you and your organization.

Regardless of the size or industry of your company, you need a defined process and secure procedures for destroying and recycling or remarketing all of your retired IT assets and media. Regulatory penalties, a damaged brand reputation and inadvertent disclosures could result from improper methods.

You need a way to safely, securely, and sustainably dispose of all your IT assets.

What If You Could:

  • Be sure the data residing on your old media and decommissioned systems is protected when you dispose of those IT assets?
  • Have confidence that your assets are being disposed of in an environmentally friendly way?
  • Profitably dispose of assets that still have value in them, and stop losing money that you could be investing in new equipment?

The Iron Mountain® Secure IT Asset Disposition solution helps you safely destroy, recycle, or repurpose decommissioned IT assets – from DVDs and storage tapes to servers, storage systems, mobile devices, or even copiers.

With Iron Mountain’s easy and risk-free asset disposition solution, you’ll be able to:

  • Gain peace of mind that your non-recoverable media (plastics) and hard drives are destroyed in a secure, auditable, and eco-friendly manner.
  • Remain compliant with security practices and regulations as your e-waste is deconstructed into commodity categories and recycled.
  • Reduce costs by reclaiming IT assets that still retain value and are tested, graded, and refurbished for resale.
  • Make use of best-practice methodologies that ensure reliability and consistency from collection through final certificate of destruction.

When it comes to secure IT asset disposition, you need to know you’re protected. With Iron Mountain’s asset destruction services, you’ll have access to services you can trust. Secure IT Asset Disposition is an important aspect of your organization. Proper methods need to be enacted to ensure compliance and security, and Iron Mountain is the partner you can trust to handle it.