From hard drives and backup tapes to CDs and DVDs, you have volumes of electronic storage media in your data center that will eventually reach their end of life. You need to reduce risk and ensure the data residing on these decommissioned assets is properly destroyed.

You must comply with data privacy regulations, such as FACTA §216 and HIPAA § 2.7.13, that mandate how you dispose of information stored on your electronic media not just what to destroy. How you destroy your sensitive data is essential to keep your organization compliant with these regulations.

Securely and responsibly destroy both storage devices and media.

The Iron Mountain® Secure Media Destruction service helps you establish a defensible, documented, and repeatable process to prepare, transport, and destroy hard drives, backup tapes, and other e-waste onsite at your data center or at an offsite destruction facility.

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e-Stewards Enterprise

Simultaneously ensure safety and sustainability.

E-waste is now the fastest growing component of the municipal solid waste stream. Unfortunately, electronic waste isn’t just waste, it contains some very toxic substances which ultimately end up in the biosphere and our food chain when they are not recycled properly. Iron Mountain is an e-Stewards® Enterprise, which means that we adhere to the highest standard of environmental responsibility and worker safety, protecting human health and the global environment.

Deliver auditable security with a proven chain of custody.

You’ll always know the physical location of your IT assets with auditable verification and strict security practices that include:

This way you can be confident that your data will remain protected throughout the entire process.

Onsite or Offsite: Choices to meet your individual needs.

Leverage auditable, field-proven procedures and workflows to protect your existing and new media while in our possession as well as in transit with our cost-efficient, offsite Secure Media Destruction service. We collect and consolidate e-waste materials directly from your facility or inventory that’s stored at an Iron Mountain data center facility. Once inventoried and tracked with the InControl® solution, our patented chain of custody service, the materials are destroyed using environmentally friendly processes in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

If you are required to monitor the destruction of your e-waste, Iron Mountain offers onsite destruction options to bring data destruction to you. Equipped with robust mobile shredding technology, our onsite destruction service follows rigorous data privacy and security workflows to ensure your hard drives, backup tapes, and other assorted electronic storage media are completely destroyed while you observe.

Iron Mountain is NAID certified for document destruction at each Iron Mountain location in the United States. Onsite and offsite services vary by location. Iron Mountain is not NAID Certified for Media, Plastic, eWaste or Computer Hard Drive destruction services, which adhere to Iron Mountain's internal standards for Secure Media Destruction.