Transition to Electronic Health Records

Comprehensive tool for patient records management, including Physical Records Management, Physical to Digital Conversion, Digital Cloud Storage and Healthcare Consulting

What if you could transition smoothly to the Electronic Health Record—while reducing your costs and risk?

As a healthcare provider, you’re facing a number of competing priorities. On the one hand, you’re committed to providing quality care and ensuring patient safety. At the same time, you’re challenged to keep costs down, secure patient data, and maintain compliance in a rapidly expanding regulatory environment.

With Iron Mountain’s Health Information Management Solutions, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive portfolio of tools and services that will help you transform the way you store, protect, manage, and recover patient information, including:

  • EMR Transition Services
  • Physical Records Management Services
  • Physical to Digital Conversion Services
  • Digital Cloud Storage Solutions
  • Healthcare Consulting

Regardless of where you are on your EMR transition or the format of your current files, by working with Iron Mountain you’ll get the leadership infrastructure, industry expertise and proven processes to support your evolving needs and lower your costs.

  • A Smooth Transition to an Effective Electronic Medical Records System
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  • Healthcare Services
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