Our team of experts and secure record centers make offsite medical record storage and management of your paper medical records and analog films an affordable and easy choice. Iron Mountain can store and manage a broad range of media including medical files, radiology films, cine films, pathology slides, paraffin blocks and fetal monitor strips, as well as human resources records and other administrative and financial records. We offer a comprehensive range of secure, local and convenient film and medical record storage solutions—reducing demands on file room staff while simultaneously offering rapid, round-the-clock access to and retrieval of critical files.

Our offsite, open-shelf filing medical record storage system indexes and stores records in terminal digit sequence, mirroring your onsite filing system. We will also work with you to develop medical record storage strategies that address the costs and logistical challenges of mandated privacy and disclosure policies. And, Iron Mountain can help you comply with the latest federal and state regulations on healthcare records retention.

If you need support managing your records onsite, our knowledgeable medical record storage staff can help manage your onsite file rooms, inventory clean-ups, file room purges and retention programs.

By driving down costs, increasing efficiencies and preparing your practice, hospital or system for a future transition to electronic records, Iron Mountain helps you gain more value from—and control over—your paper medical records and films and frees you to focus on the more strategic issues facing your organization.