Increasingly, healthcare organizations are transitioning to an electronic environment for the delivery of information to the point of care. While this will ultimately result in improved efficiency and better patient care, many organizations are challenged by the difficulty of integrating the numerous systems responsible for generating clinical data.

Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) were traditionally deployed to serve a single department and lacked connectivity to other PACS. In addition, use of multiple PACS solution providers often means numerous vendors are involved, resulting in challenges sharing data that, in turn, can impede the flow of information. This complex storage environment is ultimately costly to maintain, difficult to replace and means that you are dependent on your PACS vendors.

What If You Could…

  • Improve patient care by having access to a complete patient record and being able to share that information across your entire organization?
  • Minimize your dependence on PACS solution providers by leveraging a truly vendor neutral archive that delivers a central repository of all medical images and other digital clinical files?
  • Simplify your storage environment and eliminate the cost of future PACS migrations?
  • Access all of your images, even when your PACS is down?
  • Reduce costs by limiting the number of interfaces required to connect to your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and other information systems?
  • Minimize risk by managing the lifecycle of data through the use of intelligent retention management policies?

The Iron Mountain Vendor Neutral Archive can help you consolidate and manage your storage environment, while providing enterprise wide access to all medical images and other electronic medical records, minimizing IT complexity and reducing the total cost of ownership.

Consolidate Your PACS Storage To A Centralized Vendor Neutral Archive And Gain:

  • Simplified and centralized storage environment
  • Complete longitudinal view of the patient record
  • Reduced total cost of ownership through a fully managed storage solution 
  • Greater access to and availability of patient data
  • The ability to access and restore all patient information – anytime, anywhere
  • Lower costs and risks through better retention management

While Iron Mountain is not a PACS vendor, we do provide a truly vendor neutral solution that is interoperable with other PACS solutions and other Hospital Information Systems (HIS) — across all departments and facilities. We will partner with you to liberate your patient data — boosting clinical and IT productivity, reducing costs and greatly improving quality of care.