Demand more from your Data Center Environment

Security and compliance matter. With our secure, resilient, energy efficient and HIPAA compliant data center facilities, you can be assured that your Data Center adheres to the most stringent regulatory standards.Our innovative asset tracking and data center infrastructure management services also give you better visibility and additional resiliency for your data center deployment. Contact Sales »

Wholesale and Colocation Solutions

You can choose an approach that fits your needs: options include Wholesale Data Center dedicated space with metered power and ability to grow; or Retail Colocation, offering a secure, shared environment with scalable floor space and reliable power and cooling that adapt as your health system needs change.

National and Regional Data Centers

Regional Data Centers feature an innovative design that maximizes floor space with up to 10,000 square feet available for each ‘data hall’. Construction complies with Miami-Dade County wind-resistance standards and meets a 1.5 seismic rating. The National Data Center is housed 220 feet below ground and features natural advantages including low ambient temperatures and geothermal cooling, leading to a low PUE rating.