Simplify your Release of Information (ROI) process by integrating your ROI with your health records.

With your medical records and ROI process centralized in a single location, you ensure the security of patient information and enable faster, more cost-effective processing of requests. Contact Sales »

Scalable Release of Information Program

Your Release of Information program can scale to handle changing demands using an onsite or offsite service model that works best for you. And you can track your entire ROI process through a web-based management tool. With this combination of program customization and technology, you benefit from consistent, timely and HIPAA-compliant fulfillment of all ROI requests, regardless of volume.

Reporting and Monitoring

Using pre-defined and ad-hoc reports, you can effortlessly monitor your program to ensure requests are being released based on your priorities and requirements. And, with an electronic Account of Disclosures report, you’ll no longer have to manually track the ROI process, freeing up your time for more strategic initiatives.