Accutrac Software for Records Management

Reduce risk throughout your records lifecycle with Accutrac software. Accutrac centrally manages records from inception through active and onsite management, during archival storage management, to and through destruction - wherever the records—reside. With Accutrac, your records management security and consistency improves through records classification, indexing, retention and hold management.

As part of a Compliant Records Management Program, Accutrac software for records management is an end-to-end solution that reduces costs while meeting legal, regulatory and compliance obligations. It provides a system of record that has a single view to all of your inventory, enables you to apply policies to that inventory, and then manage the business processes across the lifecycle of the records, from creation, through their active life and then to their disposition.

For thousands of organizations worldwide, Accutrac provides complete control of critical business documents, a comprehensive strategy for records management and the total confidence of knowing that your records are in the secure and capable hands of the global leader in information management. Accutrac software, when integrated with enterprise content management systems, can consistently apply policy to records which currently exist in various, disparate systems.

With Accutrac software, you can:

  • Classify records to your retention schedule
  • Consistently apply holds to records to reduce the risk of spoliation
  • Streamline discovery through a single search of physical records and electronic records hosted in Microsoft SharePoint
  • Prove your program compliance through clear and comprehensive reporting

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