You may have a mature Records and Information Management (RIM) program in place, but it's critical to measure your program performance in order to use information as a key asset.

Increase your level of visibility when it comes to your inventory with Iron Mountain. Through Iron Mountain Connect, your self-service portal, your data can be analyzed in order to manage information across its lifecycle using Analytics Dashboard. You’ll gain insight to how your RIM program is truly performing all while meeting internal Key Performance Metrics (KPIs) and benchmarking yourself again industry standards.

Analytics Dashboard allows you to focus on delivering strategic value. Across industries, information is used as an asset to provide a platform for change in the life cycle of information. By forecasting in to the future you can plan ahead.

Gain actionable insights.

As a leader in your industry, you’re responsible for managing your information, but you also need to analyze your data to drive decisions within your organization. Iron Mountain® Analytics Dashboard is a data visualization and information management tool designed specifically for Iron Mountain customers. The Analytics Dashboard provides historical insight into:

  • Overall inventory
  • Inventory activity and spend data
  • Program performance
  • Monitoring compliance
  • Identifying risk point
  • Projecting future program needs

The Analytics Dashboard provides this information in both a graphical depiction as well as textual format, with the ability to export data for external use. This application quickly identifies inventory that is out of storage and possibly at risk, volume of rush orders, inventory that may be eligible for destruction, in addition to providing you with visual alerts to the activity and status of your inventory.