Your Policy, Current…Everywhere.

Iron Mountain Policy Center solution is the industry’s leading information governance retention policy management system for records retention and defensible destruction. It is the cloud-based, portal you to access and manage up-to-date retention guidelines from around the world that are researched, curated, and vetted by legal experts within your individual industries and countries of operation as part of your Global Research service subscription.

  • Understand and interrogate legal and regulatory requirements with advanced filtering and searching
  • Associate granular legal citations directly with your retention schedule class scheme
  • Overcome the limitations of a flat retention schedules with the ability to map your organizational structure, data locations, stewards, custodians
  • Meet defensibility requirements with a full audit trail of changes and user activities
  • Integrate with your IT infrastructure through directory access and single sign-on capabilities
  • Systematically share your retention schedules with your content infrastructure through a standardized integration connector

Web-based Retention Policy Authoring and Management

  • Create and manage retention schedules without email, older desktop technologies, or heavyweight enterprise applications
  • Build a records classification scheme or taxonomy using our rich metadata model
  • Tie legal obligations to record types to better inform retention policy rules
  • Set retention rules based on record type or jurisdiction—or both

Full Audit Control and Security

  • Stay in control of your records management program and maintain defensibility in court
  • Every user event is logged and reported, allowing complete documentation of all changes to data in your Policy Center portal
  • Detailed audit log records user interface and activity history
  • Data security levels are comparable to other best-in-class financial data applications, including 256-bit encryption and a world-class SAS 70 server infrastructure
  • Restrictions on IP addresses to elevate trust during identity assertions
  • Automatic “lockout” after three incorrect password attempts

Fast and Accurate Search and Filtering

  • The powerful Apache Solr™ search engine allows you to discover all of your content within the portal—not segmented or siloed data chunks
  • Query capabilities include Boolean operators, grouping, special characters, wildcards, and term boosting – which means you find the information you need fast
  • Manage complex search phrases, such as formations for keyword matching, with a query builder
  • Search memory features, such as “last term auto lookup” make launching recurring or routine queries easier with fewer key strokes
  • Instant “results preview” provides quick-check sum of results before your query is even submitted
  • Portal presentations allows you to filter and share results with your users and give you more control over query design and make search results actionable

Importing/Exporting data and Reporting

  • Easily share data from Policy Center with your internal constituents by exporting content as a CSV file (terms of use and permission constraints apply)
  • Enjoy flexible reporting options with Jasper BI Reports module
  • Import existing legal data and file plans through a variety of formats, including Microsoft Office®, XML, or flat files
  • Export data in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Office, XML, .csv or flat files
  • Create HTML and print-based reports
  • Run sophisticated searches using filtering and advanced search options

Modern Design & User Interface

  • Customer-feedback inspired and tested user interface (UI)
  • Color coded icons provide ease of viewing to identify departmental, record retention rules, citations, and action notifications.
  • Content pop-up windows and mouse-hover activated comments provide shortcuts to view details at-a- glance to minimize click-thru navigation and browser refreshes.
  • Personalize your view by choosing which columns display and set presentation order using drag-and-drop tools to organize your on-screen view.

Validate and Build Consensus Online

  • Use commenting and feedback capabilities to validate data with dispersed stakeholders
  • Allow anyone inside or outside your organization to securely access Policy Center through a browser and Internet connection
  • Set role-based permissions to safely manage access to certain parts of Policy Center
  • Engage in threaded discussions around specific objects and incorporate feedback online
  • Queue unapproved changes before official publication

Distributed Digitally

  • Integrate your retention schedules in real time with downstream applications or your intranet
  • Easily extract data into your downstream system through our open API
  • Access a dedicated developer website and documentation
  • Stay in sync across the enterprise without transferring flat files