You create and store a lot of sensitive information, both private and personal and you may be required by regulators to demonstrate proof that you have complete governance over this information.

With the Iron Mountain Inventory Governance solution, you'll have assurance that you're in control of your physical records inventory. You'll have ways to both prevent and remediate inventory issues so you know what it is you are storing and can access your information when you need it. And you'll have choices for how you can show where it is being stored and prove compliance through inventory audit options.

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Prove Compliance Using RFID
Prove Compliance Using RFID

Topics: Govern Information

With Iron Mountain, you have choices for how you can audit your inventory through the use of physical scan or radio frequency identification (RFID). This video shows you a fast and repeatable RFID inventory audit. And how can you make an already fast process faster? Pre-associate the RFID chip with the barcode and have it pre-applied to your box. Starting in early 2015, Iron Mountain will be the first and only information management company offering you RFID-ready boxes, making it easier for you to achieve complete governance over your inventory.