Iron Mountain ESI Consulting can help you achieve compliant email management practices.

Iron Mountain Email Strategy for successful implementation with allow you to:

  • Determine a technology solution that meets requirements for storage and compliance
  • Manage costs by leveraging existing technology investments
  • Mitigate risks associated with litigation and regulatory compliance
  • Improve implementation success factors
  • Increase employee participation in email management

The final result—a comprehensive and executable email management strategy. Our approach reduces your risk when responding to litigation, increases your implementation success factors and controls costs. With our unique and comprehensive approach you will be able to:

  • Determine your key drivers — Gauge requirements that your email management strategy will need to address for purposes of litigation, investigations, privacy, audits and more.
  • Assess your unique environmental factors — Understand organizational challenges and variables that might present roadblocks to implanting a successful strategy.
  • Prioritize your emails according to risk — Have a clear view of which email categories present the greatest risks and how to manage and store them.
  • Understand the employee experience and set expectations — Determine the degree of interaction your employees should have in declaring email as records, deleting non-record emails and classifying emails.
  • Inventory your email archive platforms — Ensure that your email archives are secure, cost-effectively stored and easily accessible.

Identify your best implementation options — Understand which options for email management technology, processes and implementation are the best ones for your organization.