Optimize your global records management effort, reduce costs and mitigate risks.

A challenging regulatory environment has emerged within the past decade that directly impacts the way global organizations handle their data. Many laws and regulations mandate that companies manage their electronic and physical records more carefully than ever before.

In developing and advancing an enterprise records management strategy, organizations with global operations are now required to develop retention rules that reconcile domestic Discovery with foreign privacy law requirements. The task can be a daunting one, but Iron Mountain’s team of consulting services professionals can help you develop an international records management program that will keep you compliant, be cost effective and minimize your risks.

Once your organization’s international retention schedule is developed, we’ll assist in its implementation. Our expert services include:

  • Implementation of international retention schedules into Iron Mountain’s SafeKeeper PLUS® records management system
  • Development of eLearning modules that communicate to employees how to use the retention schedule and adhere to records policies
  • Assistance in integrating the retention schedules of acquisitions
  • Guidance on international records program infrastructure, communications and training

Iron Mountain Consulting will provide you with confidence when you retain and dispose of records in compliance with your organization’s relevant laws and regulations. We’ll also help you to develop an international records retention schedule that is comprehensive and legally credible. Our solutions and services will enable your organization to comply with global record keeping and privacy requirements to:

  • Control email to reduce litigation risks
  • Protect confidential data to reduce reputation risks

Manage escalating paper and electronic record volumes to reduce storage costs and complexity