Iron Mountain Consulting can help you understand how compliant your organization’s Information and Records Management program is compared to best practice and records management standards such as ISO15489 and MoReq2.

Iron Mountain Consulting will report on gaps and provide prioritized recommendations for increasing your organization’s practical, efficient, and defensible management of electronic and paper records.

In addition to the Program Gap Analysis, Iron Mountain Consulting can help you assess the records management functionality and capabilities of your key, or high-risk, business applications, including e-mail; content management systems; and/or storage repositories such as file shares or SharePoint.  We interview the application administrator and their business partner(s) to determine such attributes as search options, ability to “hold” or preserve information, ability to assign retention rules, purge capabilities, and more.  We also determine if there may be personally identifiable information included in the application or repository.

We then compare the current functionality to best practice, identify and prioritize the gaps, and provide recommendations that may include changes to business practice, updates to code, or the procurement of new or additional technology for each of the applications and/or repositories.  The prioritized recommendations are presented in the form of a “roadmap” that spans the next 2 – 3 years.