You know it’s important to extract maximum value from your investments in the staff, technology and company resources surrounding your Records Information Management (RIM) plan, and yet you’ve hit a road block when it comes to educating your employees about Information Governance.

You need a comprehensive training curriculum to educate your staff and employees on the ins and outs of records management - but where do you begin?

What if you could…

  • Train your staff and employees globally on your records and information management (RIM) policies and protocols, regardless of their location?
  • Demonstrate compliance so your employees are properly trained to handle information containing PII?
  • Conduct consistent, on-demand eLearning courses anytime, in any language?
  • Be sure that all of your employees understand the fundamentals of your RIM program?
  • Periodically refresh your employees’ understanding of records management as new industry regulations emerge?
Sample Course Content - Iron Mountain

Customized To Your Company’s Needs

The eLearning course content aligns with RIM best practices, including those that deal with policies and procedures, retention, index and access, disposal, audit and accountability. The course is individually tailored to ensure that your objectives are met and that your specific company terminology is incorporated during lessons. It can even be in any language to accommodate your global enterprise.

The course can be amended and repurposed as new industry regulations arise or as changes occur within your organization. The course leverages interactive “knowledge checks” and includes a post-course test to determine whether or not enrolled viewers have mastered the content—allowing you to monitor employee comprehension and verify compliance.

Start records management training today through Iron Mountain’s eLearning courseware.

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Upon completing the course, your employees will be able to:

  • Understand why your company is committed to protecting consumer and confidential information
  • Identify ways in which your RIM program protects and manages your records
  • Accurately identify the fundamentals of your RIM program

With the eLearning courseware, you will gain:

  • The ability to control and promote key RIM messages in a uniform manner
  • Reduced risk of poorly communicated information or lack of understanding among employees
  • Increased RIM program compliance

For more information or to schedule a demo on the records management eLearning training course, please contact an Iron Mountain Representative at 800-899-IRON.