Protect technology-based assets with software escrow. Learn about source code and data escrow solutions for developers, licensees, and SaaS providers and users.

With Iron Mountain’s Technology Escrow Services, you’ll be able to fully protect your key technology assets through a comprehensive range of Software Escrow, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), ICANN Registry & Registrar Data Escrow, Escrow Consulting, and Escrow Verification solutions.

  • Safeguard your interests at every stage of the escrow process with the organization that created the technology escrow industry nearly three decades ago
  • Streamline escrow administration through easy-to-use tools, including electronic depositing and deposit verification and real-time online management of all escrow accounts
  • Ensure your escrowed technology includes all the components necessary to read, recreate, maintain, and support applications if there is ever a need for a deposit release

By partnering with the world’s most trusted provider of technology escrow services, you’ll get the infrastructure, resources, and expertise you need to protect your vital assets and preserve the integrity of your intellectual property.

  • Protect your Intellectual Property with Iron Mountain Software Escrow
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  • Protect Your Intellectual Property
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