Your business relies on your intellectual property (IP) you develop to remain competitive in the marketplace. IP rights give you the ability to prevent others from using your inventions, designs, or other creations, and the ability to monetize your assets. Your intellectual property is probably the lifeblood of your company, yet it is typically one of the most poorly managed assets. Theft and illegal use of IP is widespread and results in lost opportunity, unrecovered costs, and expensive legal battles.

What If You Could…

  • Document IP development with a timestamp/audit trail that is securely held with a neutral, third-party?
  • Strengthen your company’s position in the event of an IP dispute with a business partner, or during a merger or acquisition?
  • Safeguard you intellectual property if an employee leaves to work for a competitor?

With Iron Mountain acting as a neutral, trusted third party that protects and manages your IP, a secure technology escrow deposit can be used to document the development of your company’s IP. With our Intellectual Property Development Protection Agreement (IPDPA) we date and time-stamp each deposit so a genealogy of the product is kept on record. Our IPDPA service can provide necessary key evidence of when, how, and by whom a technology was developed at a point in time. This independent preservation of your IP by Iron Mountain can significantly strengthen a company’s position in any legal dispute concerning intellectual property rights.