Information Management for your Enterprise

Custom-designed document management of business-critical information and remote office and computer data protection are enforced across your entire enterprise.

Iron Mountain understands the unique information management challenges faced by enterprise organizations. Our comprehensive suite of information storage, protection and recovery solutions are custom-designed to ensure that information privacy, information backup and compliance are integrated and enforced across your entire enterprise, from your corporate offices to remote workstations and servers worldwide. Our trusted experts work closely with your team to analyze current needs, develop strategies that take into account future challenges and deliver solutions that apply proven best practices across all locations:

  • Document Management — Complete visibility and access to business-critical information, whenever and wherever you need it. Our end-to-end set of capabilities allows you to integrate active and inactive records—in both paper and electronic media, across all locations. As a result, discovery costs are contained, compliance improved, and complexity reduced throughout the discovery process. Quickly and cost effectively find, organize, prepare, image, host and reliably deliver documents to Discovery platforms, like Iron Mountain Discovery, to accelerate review—together through a single vendor.
  • Information Privacy — Leverage Iron Mountain’s expertise as the global leader in information privacy to mitigate security risk, ensure compliance with key regulations and reassure customers, employees and partners that you’re committed to protecting their data.
  • Compliant Records Management — Meet compliance requirements and reduce litigation risks with a comprehensive Compliant Records Management Program that empowers you to respond quickly and strategically to business challenges and opportunities.
  • Data Backup and Recovery — Distributed data is a reality of enterprise organizations. Enforce data protection policies across remote and mobile systems with automated online backup, encryption and offsite data vaulting services that minimize demands on your IT team.
  • Retention and Destruction Management — No one helps more enterprise organizations develop, implement and manage comprehensive records retention and secure disposal programs than Iron Mountain.

Iron Mountain’s managed services are designed to allow you to quickly deploy new capabilities without the capital expense or lengthy implementation times of an in-house solution. Our job is to help you regain control of your business information without losing control of your budget—and every day, our success is measured in the trust of enterprise clients worldwide.


Streamline Your Customer Imaging Commitments
Streamline Your Customer Imaging Commitments

Like many service organizations today you probably have customers who require scanning services at multiple facilities across the country or around the world. These requirements may necessitate building scanning facilities near your customer locations to satisfy their imaging requirements or spending thousands of dollars to ship customers' valuable documents to your centralized scanning center.

Protecting Your Information As If It Were Our Own
Protecting Your Information As If It Were Our Own

Throughout this paper, you will have the opportunity to learn about the depth and breadth of Iron Mountain Security Practices in the following areas: Information Security; Physical Security, Safety and Business Continuity; and Investigative Services.