What if you could make your data accessible, without sacrificing security?

With Iron Mountain's Financial Services Solution you can:

  • Facilitate 24/7 document access and retrieval
  • A single vendor solution for both paper archiving and electronic data management
  • Customized solutions for bank records management, credit files, mortgage records and more
  • Ensure compliance with customer privacy laws through secure shredding

The financial services industry has changed a lot in the last few years. New regulations, increased competition and market pressure, along with data and information security, all have been raised to the forefront. Working with a solution provider that truly understands the information records needs of your institution can help eliminate costs, streamline requests for information and mitigate risk. Working with more than 2,500 financial service companies, including 48 of the top 50 US banks, Iron Mountain delivers the experience in records management, data storage, protection and recovery your institution needs to succeed.

Having access to your records and information is critical for your business. By partnering with a single vendor your program can integrate both paper document archiving and electronic data management. Iron Mountain works with you to deliver a comprehensive strategy that enables you to address all information management challenges and allows you to be more productive and respond to the needs of your business stakeholder, regulators and clients.



Increasing The Efficiency Of Your Mortgage Document Management
Increasing The Efficiency Of Your Mortgage Document Management

Topics: Outsourcing Records Management

Mortgage lenders and servicers face declining originations and escalating regulatory requirements. This white paper looks at how you can increase the efficiency and profitability of your mortgage loan business. It offers insights into offloading the burden of organizing, managing, and protecting mortgage documents so you can process loans more efficiently, respond to buyers more quickly, and stay ahead of the auditor — making it easier to achieve your profit goals.