Gain easy access to files from anywhere

We understand the challenges of finding the time or resources to plan, deploy and support an in-house image repository. With the Digital Record Center® for Images, you have a high-capacity, high-availability repository for storing electronic copies of business documents in many different formats. Sophisticated search tools and rapid retrieval capabilities allow authorized users to quickly access records 24/7 via the Internet.

Your Digital Record Center for Images is located in an Iron Mountain data center 220 feet underground so security in not an issue. This solution promotes an understanding of how to convert paper records to digital images. They are delivered on an active archiving platform, so you can access and distribute essential business records more quickly, easily, and securely.

Digital Record Center for Images offers:

  • Access to your archive via the web
  • Simultaneous retrieval by multiple users
  • High security access
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Rapid deployment and scalability

Key security features include:

  • Firewall and virus protection enforcing a single, comprehensive security policy
  • Encrypted data transmission over the Internet
  • User access control with several levels of user privileges
  • Physical security of Iron Mountain facilities protected by trained security professionals with 24/7 monitoring

With the Digital Record Center, you can rest assured your organization will have uninterrupted access to key records in the face of a disaster.