Cost-effectively scan the files you need, when you need to

As you manage your wide array of information, it's often unnecessary and costly to scan and electronically store every one of your existing documents. Image on Demand™ provides cost-effective conversion solutions for paper-based documentation that have low retrieval needs. You can outsource your complete document library, and through our team of trusted experts, get your specific documents retrieved, scanned and made available to you - quickly. With this pay-as-you-go service, you will reap immediate and long-term reductions in cost and risk, regardless of your evolving information challenges.

Scanned images are available using several convenient retrieval methods. Images can be sent directly to the user as as an e-mail attachment or posted to a web archive where they can be quickly retrieved online. Alternatively, images can be transferred to your existing electronic document management system for immediate uploading.

Document Imaging and Conversion provide:

  • Rapid availability of rarely-needed documents
  • Digitizing of only requested documents
  • Access to images via the Iron Mountain Connect™ portal
  • Electronic image retrieval
  • Quick implementation
  • Protection of sensitive documents

Many organizations attempt to scan and electronically store every one of your existing documents themselves. This can be costly and inefficient. Image on Demand provides you with a cost-effective conversion solution for documents you do not need to access very often. We scan the documents you need "on demand." When you need a document, it is quickly retrieved, scanned and sent to you. This pay-as-you-go program allows you to convert only the documents you need when you need them.