What if you could quickly respond to the records demands from internal stakeholders and regulators?

Like the majority in the insurance industry, much of your day is spent answering requests from your colleagues and management, policy-holders, auditors and regulators – each of whom is requesting specific records, in multiple formats, from different locations. And while you are searching for these documents the potential for fines and other penalties skyrockets.

With Iron Mountain's Insurance solution, you can now streamline and centralize the records process for the critical functional areas of your business, e.g. claims and new policies/underwriting. Ensure that policy documentation is managed in a consistent, compliant manner, and make the information needed to adjudicate and pay customer claims readily available.

As more and more insurers look to automate their workflows it is important to partner with a trusted records information solution provider that understands your workflow. Whether you have a legacy paper process, 100% paperless, or a hybrid of both you can realize cost savings and mitigate risks by leveraging a best-in-class solutions.

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